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Joe Laratro joined the Search Engine Optimization world in 1999. He has deep internet roots from running his own BBS in the late 80s.

Joe served as CTO for one of the TOP SEO companies in the USA for 7 years. During his tenure he serviced over 4,000 Web sites ranging from Mom and Pops to Fortune 100 companies including: Shop.com, CBS Marketwatch, Wells Fargo Financial, and IBM UK.

Joe is currently the president of Tandem, a company started in April 2006 to focus on the under-serviced areas of Online Marketing. One of Tandem’s main areas of focus is Training and Education. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Joe brings the technical aspect of SEM to the public. Several intensive SEM training sessions have been taught in conjunction with the SFIMA. He was also a major contributor to the DMA’s search engine marketing certification program by authoring “Module 6: Fundamentals of Site Optimization”. Joe Laratro has been very involved with the conference side of the Industry and is the Lead Moderator and on the Advisory Board of Pubcon. He continues to shape the Search Marketing Industry by teaching for the University of San Francisco’s Online Marketing Certificate Programs. While being proactive in the marketing industry, Joe is also a loving husband to Lena and father of Joey and Giovanni.

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