How Branded Videos Can Drive Wicked Traffic and Conversions

Branded Video Marketing For Businesses

Video marketing is a component of digital marketing that allows businesses to engage with customers. Businesses hoping to gain a competitive advantage using digital marketing techniques must understand we live in an extremely fast-paced world. Videos could be a more effective digital marketing for business strategy because people prefer to watch a two-minute video versus taking 15 minutes to read the same information. A critical reason why you should do video marketing is because of its proven effectiveness. The effectiveness of videos is reflected in the popularity of Youtube, which has over 1.7 billion users. 

While videos are an excellent tool for digital marketers, branded videos launch video marketing for businesses to the next level. Branded videos are videos an organization publishes that do not directly advertise their service or product. They work by allowing customers to associate a brand with values and human faces. This allows customers to form a connection with a brand because they feel they are getting valuable content and information rather than an advertisement. 

While not a direct advertisement, they still serve to drive brand awareness and customers into your store or website. A great example of a branded video would be a sports goods store posting a video of analysis of the latest sports game. This video would not directly advertise a product, but it would establish the business’s credibility in the eyes of the customer, piquing the customer’s interest in the business. 

As mentioned previously, videos are slowly making their way to the forefront of the digital marketing world. Businesses that compete with yours are not blind to this fact. Your potential customer’s social media feeds are becoming flooded with your competitor’s advertising content. This is a perfect opportunity for your business to differentiate itself from all your competition. 

Branded video content helps businesses break through the noise and win the attention, loyalty, and business of prospective buyers. When done correctly, branded videos used in digital marketing strategies for business reel in new customers by improving your credibility.


Social media users rarely want their social media feeds to be cluttered with advertisements from businesses. However, if your branded videos show up on their feeds, they will be more likely to watch the whole thing because they add value and contribute to their social media experience. Non-disruptive videos will make a better impression on your prospective customers than most video advertisements. 


With the immense number of business content users are bombarded with, consumers have developed an aversion to video advertisements. Social media users are looking for content they find valuable. Your business’s branded content should aim to be educational, funny, or entertaining. 


Branded videos come off as more authentic. Allowing customers to make a connection with a human face or genuinely valuable information make your business come off as more authentic. 

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