PPC Remarketing Best Practices Every Marketer Should Know

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Expert digital marketing firms in Fort Lauderdale use only PPC remarketing best practices in order to get clients ahead of the game and in front of consumers.

The Ins and Outs of PPC Remarketing Campaigns

Similar to SEO, PPC remarketing has its best practices that should be standard when launching a new campaign – or auditing an old one. Since AdWords launched ‘retargeting’ in spring 2010, we have seen this dynamic form of lower funnel marketing show great success. However, where there is great glory, there is great failure.

While failure is part of life – and every form of marketing – if you do not fail, you cannot learn; and if you do not learn, you cannot change and grow. The following is a list of PPC remarketing best practices that every PPC marketer should be implementing whether in-house or at a local digital marketing agency.

  1. The world is creepy enough, don’t add to it.
    • Create managed placement exclusions in your PPC remarketing campaign. No one wants to be followed on EVERY site with your ad. Make placements for remarketing ads relevant to what your consumer was cookied for.
    • Put a limit on impressions. Having 1,000 impressions a day is great, as long as they are not all coming from the same person. The max amount of impressions one person should be receiving is 5 per day. (This can be done under Settings < Advanced Settings < Frequency Capping).
  2. All customers are NOT created equal.
    • Utilize Analytics to know who your ideal customer is before launching your PPC remarketing campaign.
    • Segment your audience through priority and actions taken. Abandoned cart customers should have higher bids than regular website traffic. Find different measure points to separate your audience.
    • Digital marketing agencies in Fort Lauderdale recommend knowing your conversion time lags in Analytics. This is great information that can tell you a lot about the purchase cycle your customers are using.
  3. Dynamic remarketing is PPC remarketing on steroids.
    • If you are running PLAs and are not using dynamic PPC remarketing, your business or digital marketing agency is missing a huge opportunity. Compared to traditional remarketing that will show you an image ad on the service or brand you are cookied for, dynamic remarketing will show you the exact item your customer was looking at – so those wedges from Nordstrom asking you “why didn’t you buy me, I’m so cute though” isn’t an accident.
    • Be careful when setting up dynamic remarketing, because it can be a little tricky with the custom parameters and codes that need to be placed throughout the site. Be sure to split traffic into a minimum of four remarketing lists:
      1. General visitors
      2. Product visitors
      3. Shopping cart abandoners
      4. Previous converters
  4. Visual marketing is the future, jump on the bandwagon now!
    • Platforms such as shopping feeds, Instagram, Pinterest, and other forms of visual remarketing should be utilized if they are not already.
      1. Instagram may be viewed as just a social platform, but when leveraged correctly through trending hashtags, strategy, and the occasional sponsored ads using remarketing lists, your images have the ability to go viral.
      2. Pinterest has recently released remarketing in addition to PLA betas and promoted pins; they also have an abundance of case studies showing companies and digital marketing agencies in Fort Lauderdale that have used Pinterest as a new dimension of remarketing, and how they have built brands through targeting the right audience.


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