Crossing the Streams: Using PPC and SEO together

Why You Should Use PPC and SEO Together

Curious about how to use SEO and PPC together in your marketing strategy? Our South Florida digital marketing agency is sharing all our insight on using PPC and SEO together - the right way.

Working with a digital marketing agency that understands how to cross the streams using PPC and SEO together can help your business stand out from the competition. At Tandem Buzz, our marketing experts in Fort Lauderdale are constantly finding ways to strategize cross-channel planning tactics and share our insights between marketing departments. 

One thing that both SEO and PPC have in common is focusing on the user experience. Using PPC and SEO together offers a great advantage in broadening keyword research, client goals, and data reporting. Here we share some of our best advice on how to use SEO and PPC together when creating a great marketing strategy. 

How to Use SEO and PPC Together 

To use PPC and SEO together the right way, you’ll want to make sure to encompass all the separate social media, PPC, and SEO acronyms found in all marketing departments – EAT, AEC, and EAL. 

  • SEO acronym EAT is thought of as the current “secret to SEO success” because it helps people to understand how to focus content and user experience around a business’s Expertise, Trust, and Authoritativeness. Although Google has never come out and said that EAT is a ranking factor, they have dropped enough subtle hints for our SEO specialists in South Florida to know it has an immense impact on SERPs. 
  • Social Media acronym AEC is the path to success a user will take when converting toward a social media campaign, and it is also known as Audiences, Engagement, and Conversion. As a social media marketing agency in South Florida, we find that this is specifically useful on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • PPC acronym EAL  is a great quality score calculation used to understand Expected CTR, Ad relevance, and Landing page experience.  

Significant, common factors in all three of these digital marketing acronyms are content and user experience. Our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency finds strategies that marry all three of these separate acronyms into one. Content and user experience goals must match campaign stated objectives in all departments, and the secret to successfully using PPC and SEO together is through cross-channel planning. 

Cross-Channel Planning, Content, and User Experience 

Cross-channel planning offers digital marketing experts the chance to understand and address different personalities and gives the opportunity to optimize content and UX goals based on the different personalities of the user. 

A key part of using PPC and SEO together successfully is sharing data and insights. Sharing paid media budget planning sheets and reports and SEO link reports can help the separate marketing departments consider different innovative ideas or audiences they should target. 

Paid media reports are a classic integration that most digital marketing agencies have adopted. This strategy involves taking high-cost keywords and spending more on SEO to not pay such a high premium. Using the top 5 SEO keywords is great for top-funnel keyword ideas and can help save money as well. 

SEO link reports can help guide PPC to optimizing better display placement ideas or display content planning. By merging together SEO and PPC in cross-channel planning, businesses can create a strong and innovative strategy that considers all separate angles of online marketing.

The Flaws of Cross-Channel Marketing With SEO and PPC

It is important to note that not all channels will work throughout the funnel, which is why our PPC management team in South Florida always recommends running tests. Forcing content does not work, either, and what may work for a social media strategy may not be the best implementation for an SEO strategy. Understand your UX goals, run tests, and stay curious about how your users are asking queries! 

South Florida PPC and SEO Marketing Experts 

At Tandem Buzz, we are constantly trying to find innovative ways to use PPC and SEO together, sharing data reports, strategies, running A&B testing, and sharing our latest discoveries in the digital marketing industry. If your company needs help gaining an online presence for your business, ‘bee’ sure to contact us today! 


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