Post-Pandemic Digital PR & Reputation Management Mistakes

These are the Mistakes to Avoid with Digital PR & Reputation Management

Learn from our public relations specialists about post-pandemic digital reputation management mistakes and how to manage brand awareness.

The pandemic has affected how brands interact with audiences. Customer frustrations are at an all-time high, and businesses need to manage their brand interaction more than ever before. Our public relations specialists have some helpful insight to help monitor your brand and protect your online reputation.

What Is Public Relations?

Public Relations is the practice of overseeing the brand awareness of a company. Public Relations specialists inform, influence, and promote a company’s idea, product, or services with specialized communication and digital marketing. A Public Relations consultant implements content marketing plans that include press releases, speeches, outreach opportunities, market research, special events, networking, and social media promotions to establish brand awareness to audiences.

What Is the Digital Marketing Funnel?

The digital marketing funnel is a tool to help public relations specialists know how to implement brand awareness strategies and achieve conversions. The marketing funnel includes:

  • Create dynamic content to attract audiences to visit a site.
  • Create content and landing pages to help achieve conversions.
  • Establish outreach opportunities with leads to inform potential clients.

Public Relations Mistakes

Public relations specialists apply SEO, social media, and PR practices to optimize media relations, influence search results, and empower a brand’s image. However, there are few public relations mistakes that digital marketing specialists cannot overlook, including:   

No Optimization

Without proper content and SEO optimization, there is limited exposure to a site. You can optimize content, including press releases, blogs, and social media content, to maximize impressions and clicks.   

Slow Website

40% of consumers will leave a site if it does not load in three seconds or less. If your site is experiencing a slow load time, you will not be able to optimize content for users, and you may limit link-building opportunities. Slow websites have a negative impact on search engines and SERPs. Consult with a digital marketing specialist to improve your site speed.

Not Taking a Stand

In today’s day of public relations and social media marketing, not taking a stand on diversity, equity, and inclusion can be more harmful than helpful. Today’s digital audiences are holding CEOs, CMOs, brands, and business leaders accountable and expect them to make a declarative public statement.  

Lack of Visual PR

According to neuromarketing, audiences respond to visual media; however, many businesses lack visual investment or media budget. Investing in photography will optimize content and potentially increase brand awareness or audiences. There are many benefits to investing in visual public relations, including:

  • More exposure to audiences and potential users.
  • Gain influence in SERPs, including on Google and Bing.
  • Increase social media shares.

Not Paying Attention to Technology Trends

One of the biggest PR mistakes is not paying attention to technology trends to attract audiences. Technology, including social media, AR, VR, and AI, help build relationships with potential customers with storytelling and virtual media. Our public relations specialists recommend getting educated about technology trends to provide immersive experiences for your targeted audiences. For example, instead of sending a traditional press kit, consider updating your public relations strategy with VR and augmented reality.

Consult With Our Online Reputation Management Specialists

If you would like to learn more about how reputation management and public relations can help your business’ brand awareness, consult with our online reputation management specialists. Tandem Buzz is the premier public relations agency that can provide digital marketing services, including public relations and online reputation management. Give us a buzz to learn more!