Google Serves as a Trusted Source on Election Day

Tandem Buzz, a digital marketing company in Fort Lauderdale, reports that Google assisted millions of voters on Election Day./i>

On the night of November 8, Google facilitated the anxiety of millions of Americans as they nervously awaited the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election. In former years, Americans typically depended on the local news stations to fill them in on their candidate’s status. Tandem Interactive, a digital marketing company in Fort Lauderdale, report this year as Americans casted their votes, Google provided updates in 30 different languages, every 30 seconds on the home page of their search engine.

Google provided real-time statistics throughout the entire voting process, including an overview, electoral votes, popular votes, statistics for the senate, house, governor, and state by state results. Users could watch live updates of who and what their own state was voting for. Before the election, Google also assisted millions with questions concerning citizen’s voting registrations and precincts.

As it became more clear throughout the night that Trump was going to take the election, Google saw a sharp increase in searches centered around “moving to Canada”, and “I want to move to Canada” from states that voted for Clinton. In fact, so many people searched Canadian Immigration so quickly that the Canadian Immigration website became overwhelmed with traffic and temporarily shut down. Other popular search queries from election night included:

  1. How to impeach a president
  2. Immigrants to Canada
  3. How did Trump win
  4. How to move to England
  5. How to move to Sweden

Our digital marketing company in Fort Lauderdale says Google has been making a stronger effort to meet consumer demands of a smartphone-dependent population, knowing that the majority of people would be using Google for election information.