Google Analytics Introduces Data Studio – Beautiful Reports for Digital Marketers

Googles Newest Tool!

Breaking news! Google Analytics introduced Data Studio, a tool that will make beautiful reports for marketers using Analytics and AdWords metrics.

If you are in the realm of digital marketing, you understand the frustration that comes with reporting your data. Where did the metrics come from? Who knows how to make a pivot table? Once the table is created, who actually knows how to work it? The list goes on. It is these simple frustrations that have allowed companies like Measureful to flourish.

However, as a digital marketing agency, you may think “I should not have to pay $50-$500+ per month for beautiful marketing reports to present your data” … And Google agrees. Introducing Google’s newest tool Data Studio, a free tool that gives marketers the tools they need to transform your data into beautiful, interactive reports.

Google Data Studio’s technology integrates data across multiple Google products and transforms these core metrics into reports and dashboards available in real-time. Data Studio can compress several Analytic accounts (and views) into one simple report that can be tailored to the look and feel of the client’s organization. Here is a screenshot of the beta’s dashboard:

Google Analytics Data Studio 1

Once logged into Google Data Studio, you will see the main dashboard which will house all of your previous reports and the data sources this information was collected from.

AdWords reports can be automatically integrated (if connected to Data Studio) for a complete, and beautiful, overview of your account performance. Settings and metrics such as segmentation by device, top performing campaigns, and conversion overview data can be used in the report.

Google Analytics Data Studio 2

The reports are completely interactive when shared with individuals and groups and have the ability to change dates and metrics in real-time.

Google’s Data Studio is still in beta and has not been entirely released to the public, but should be available in the near future. Our digital marketing agency is already utilizing Data Studio’s release to begin reporting your performance in a new, and beautiful report.

To learn more about Google Data Studio here or contact your organic search manager or your paid advertising specialist for a further dive into these new capabilities.