Utilizing The Cost of Advertising

Do You Get the Most Bang For Your Buck?

Where is your money going? We know you want to get the best bang for your buck, so we talk about the best ways to utilize the cost of advertising to benefit your business.

“Get the most bang for your buck…” Is there anyone in the business field that hasn’t heard that quote? However, there is one company that caught my attention at breakfast for its ability to truly UTILIZE the cost of advertising. 
While in the middle of enjoying my delicious chocolate chip cookies I could help but look at my milk carton. A few months back we decided to go completely organic in the house and milk was one of those products. So I’m enjoying my breakfast while reading the milk carton. Talk about getting the bang for the buck. Every inch of the carton had writing on it. There are social media links, quotes, facts, and information on why Organic Valley milk is the best milk on the market. They promote subliminal messaging in their text by telling you how “they give their animals the greenest pastures and they give you delicious & nutritious milk”. They thank the reader for helping support the Organic way of life. They use ‘feel good’ marketing when they show the picture of the farmer with the cows, how it is going from their family to your family, and that they raise their animals with love. They make a connection/bond with the customer by using words like ‘family, nurturing, children, love, and affection’.  

If you are buying their products, they know that you are health conscious (if not you wouldn’t spend the extra $3 for the half-gallon). Most people that are health conscious and shop at Whole Foods or GreenWise are usually against the cruelty of animals or vegetarian/vegan. So they pump the milk owner with all these facts on their cows, their family-owned farms, and the way the animals are treated and raised. I mean Organic Valley really did what they could to use the carton. You figure you have to design the carton to hold the milk in, why not use every inch of space to convince the buyer why they should continue to buy our milk; not only our milk but try our yogurt, cheese, ice cream, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook!
So for the little businesses that cost is an issue, take some advice from Organic Valley farms; think about the products that you already have and buy and use them completely. Use the back of your business cards to place a discount promo code and add social links. Make sure you add links to social profiles on your website and make them easily accessible. If you have to buy boxes for your products, advertise all of them! The customer is going to get the box, and when they are bored eating cookies & drinking milk, they are going to read what you wrote. Make every dollar count so that you can say you get the ‘best bang for your buck’! All around great approach for marketing and neuromarketing while on a budget. 
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