New Marketing for Twix Campaign

Which Side of the Twix Bar Do You Choose?

Our digital marketing agency dives deep into the new Twix marketing campaign. We explain why something so simple can be so effective. What side are you on?

So I have obviously not written in a while, and just now I am in the middle of SEO and link building reports when I get served a ‘verify an email address’ and I get taken by surprise. I go to Yahoo! to log into an email address and confirm the email just sent to me when I see the ad and I can’t help but stop E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G I am doing to blog about it.
Some of you may have already been exposed to the new Twix campaign about ‘choosing a side’. I am absolutely mind blown by this NeuroMarketing technique that they use for their campaign. If you are not seeing the extent of my enthusiasm yet, let me elaborate on what they are doing. They have not come out with a new product. They did not make a ‘limited edition’ version of their signature candy. They have not done anything new or different and they have not changed or modified the product AT ALL. They have taken their product and made a completely new and distinct NeuroMarketing campaign based on the same product they have always had but added a significant way to engage their product lovers.
Twix is a cookie covered with caramel and chocolate, and they always come in a set of two. They have designed their whole new campaign to make people choose between the left Twix or the right Twix. They are exactly the same product the only difference is their position in the wrapper. But they have used the neurological concept of “them vs. us” marketing (similar to Apple’s technique) but against themselves. They are creating a division between its competitors and consumers and then inventing a new and stronger sense of attachment to its ‘unique’ product.
If you look at their ad, even though they are creating a division amongst themselves they are also subconsciously dividing Twix against all other candies through their content. The whole ad uses phrases such as “one of a kind”, “unique process”, “..makes us different…”, and “…makes us stand out…”. They are constantly reinforcing how different not only Twix consumers are but that ‘LEFT’ Twix consumers are even more unique.
But before you even get to see their ad or understand the technology they are using to try to get engagement from their customers, you will see “Now Introducing Left Twix and Right Twix”. When you get served with an ad like this you think “Well I know what Twix are… But what is the ‘left’ and ‘right’ Twix?”. That’s when the curiosity sets in and you are engaged and left trying to figure out what they are asking; which is the purpose of any marketing campaign – ENGAGEMENT from the targeted audience. And this campaign does just that; so much that I had to stop everything that I was doing to Google what Left & Right Twix were and then to Blog about how fascinated I was! So thank you Twix for catching my interest so much to motivate my Blog post.
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