Mobile Advertising Tips Straight From the Mothership

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Consumers who use their mobile devices use them often and at all times day and night. Here are some mobile advertising tips to capitalize on!

Every click will potentially cost you a user conversion.

Greetings from Google’s New York Headquarters! Tandem is on-site learning directly from the source. As a Google Partner, Tandem is able to bring exclusive PPC tips to you. Tandem does not only deliver Google approved PPC practices, we also push to share new and exciting information with all digital marketers. Today’s Google spring training was kicked off by mobile advertising master mind Matt Delre, who engaged us with a personal experience of his recent life-changing purchase – a minivan.

As Delre took on parental duties, he embarked on a long and tedious research for the safest family car on his mobile device. Like many consumers, Delre took advantage of his mobile device by comparing minivans in one dealership to another dealership’s inventory.
This process proved to be a nightmare for Delre, can you guess why?
Making sure that your site is mobile friendly, will improve your consumer’s mobile experience, potentially leading to a conversion.
The following information is from Pew Research Center’s recent study and displays why mobile advertising is the new frontier.
Sure, digital marketers have been shouting “mobile is coming, mobile is coming” for a while now, but 2015 is the year that we will finally be able to see mobile’s marketing potential, implementing mobile PPC tactics that will turn the tides for you and your client.
According to Delre, mobile devices are 67% likely to convert. So why the hesitation?
Start enhancing your mobile PPC campaign today, by implementing the following suggestions from Delre and get mobile advertising right!
Mobile Advertising Optimization Check List:
  •   Make sure that your homepage is easy to use. Site usability is the first, and most important step in optimizing your PPC campaign; whether you are targeting desktops, tablets, or mobile devices.
  •  A mobile device’s small screen limit your user’s visibility; in order to drive conversions, position the site’s call-to-action to front and center.
      • Example: Progressive

  • Make searching through your site easy, with optimal accessibility.
      • Example: This can be done by implementing a visible search box, such as an open-box site search.
  •  If your search bar is visible, ensure that the site’s search results are quality search results. The ultimate goal is to direct the consumer to their target on their initial search. Improve your search results by implementing effective filters.
      • Example: Nike
  • Allow your users the ability to purchase as a guest. By eliminating the number of forms and clicks your consumer has to fill out, you increase the chances that potential consumers will actually convert.

Consumers who use their mobile devices tend to use them frequently, and their devices are the center of their lives. Like these consumers, smartphones will soon be the center of your digital advertising tactics too!