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My Experience with Greg's Marine Wire Supply

"Don't just sell the product, see if you can customize it to add value". Tandem discusses the example set by Greg's Marine Wire Supply.

I always wish I had more time to write. I am itching to put an article together about the fake reviews bust and fines in my Industry (Gabtab Solution for REAL Reviews anyone?). I want to write an article about “The Day the Organic Keyword Died”, but cannot seem to find the time. However, I am so impressed with Greg Marine Wire Supply, I need to get this down.

One of my hobbies is working on my very old boat (1986). I love re-wiring and adding newer technology to it. I have been working on adding a third battery for the past week. Battery cables are extremely important and can be quite costly. Without the proper crimping tools and heat shrink connectors, they can be difficult to make. I found Greg Marine Wire Supply and have now done two orders for custom-sized cables. My second order was this morning and it was shipped within hours! This is obviously a very specific product, but any business can follow this model.

Don’t just sell the product, see if there are ways you can customize the product and add value (battery wire versus custom cables ready to install).
Don’t just handle the order, make each order a priority (packing and shipping the order as soon as it is ready versus waiting for batches)
TLC – my first order had a handwritten thank you. Nice touch!