Marketing Tools: Using Instagram

Grow Your Business with Instagram!

Digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale, Tandem Buzz, reports on Instagram being one of the latest marketing tools businesses are using to expand.

When it comes to online marketing, many companies have come to realize there is more than one or two different marketing tools. Whether it is search engine optimization or search engine marketing, the role of social media is one of the marketing tools that companies are fully immersing themselves in. The question is: are they using one of the fastest growing social media platforms?


Entering the digital world in 2010, Instagram has since then been announced the number one choice for social media usage by today’s digital users. According to Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s CEO and co-founder, Instagram reached more than 500 million users, making it a larger social media platform in comparison to Pinterest or Twitter.  As one of the largest video and photo arenas, Instagram should be used as one of the important key marketing tools for optimizing your business. These individuals known as “Instagrammers” could become your future customers, making them a valuable resource not worth missing out on. Most millennials use their social platforms, especially Instagram, to gain inspiration, learn about certain brands, and mostly to stay engaged.


Using Instagram as a one of your chief marketing tools will allow you access to all of the users that share visual content, which will in turn give you the potential to reach a broader spectrum of potential clients. As a business, you should consider the potential benefits of using Instagram as a social media marketing tool. If you are unsure of where to begin and would like to use social media to expand your business, contact Tandem Buzz today!

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