5 Funny Halloween Costumes for Digital Marketers

Let your digital marketing passion shine! Here are five funny Halloween costumes for digital marketers you should try out this holiday, courtesy of Tandem.Buzz Marketing.

As we all know, Halloween is the time to dress up and let your creativity run wild! Now, you might find yourself with no creative energy or your magic fairy dust may be running low. Never fear, the Tandem team is here! If you also fly your inner digital marketer flag proud and high even outside the office, we have five funny Halloween costumes for digital marketers that you are going to love. Whether you want to go all out or choose to be low key, there are Halloween costumes for digital marketers with every kind of personality to try out and show off this year!

1. If you enjoy being active on different social platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter, we have the perfect costume for you. Give the Social Butterfly costume a try! Add a twist on a traditional butterfly costume by adding your favorite social media platform icons to wings.

2. For those Batman movie villain lovers, give the PPC Riddler a go. Wear your lime green onesie, and instead of having the traditional question marks on the outfit, switch them up for dollar signs all over!

3. Could you be an icon or a legacy? Absolutely! Give the Steve Jobs look a try. With clothing items that you might already have, this easy, last minute get-up is a great Halloween costume for digital marketers. With your jeans and a black turtleneck, to finish off the look all you have to do it put on a pair of sneakers.

4. For a digital marketing wizard, you can be Rand Fishkin, better known as the Wizard of Moz. Dressed up with your wizard outfit, add the Moz logo to the back of your wizard robe, and make yourself an iconic Fishkin moustache to be the best Wizard of Moz this Halloween!

5. For the ultimate Google SEO Halloween costume for digital marketers, try to slick back your hair, throw on a blue polo, and you cannot forget plain, wired glasses! You will have the Matt Cutts look to a T. The key accessory to the unique Matt Cutts look is his happy smile.