Google is a Genius, But You Still Need Local SEO

Even though Google is insanely smart, there are many ways in which your small business can benefit from a well-developed local SEO strategy.

Many SEO and local SEO techniques become obsolete and inadequate with the ever-changing Google search algorithms. There is an endless supply of blogs on the internet with titles such as “Is SEO Dead?” or “Do I Still Need Local SEO?”, which serve to confuse small business owners as to how they go about updating their digital marketing strategy.

It is easy to take someone’s fear of not being able to keep up with how constant Google algorithm changes and use it to their advantage to get a few seconds of attention. In the end, that is all that these articles are good for.

Tandem.Buzz, your digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale, wants you to know that Google being smart and you having a perfect and pristine digital presence are two completely different scenarios. In the modern world, you definitely still need Local SEO and here is why that is true.

If Google is Smart, Google Spammers Are Smarter.

There is no denying just how smart Google really is. There are many ‘smart’ techniques that Google utilizes to weed out the real and authority websites from fake or low quality ones. They face constant attacks from online hackers and spammers who are looking to make money off of random loopholes in the algorithm.

Google is smart, but be honest with yourself and plan accordingly, because spammers are often smarter. You can not risk it all and by doing nothing hoping that you will rank above all of the numerous fake local businesses that have hacked their way to the top. Having a local SEO strategy will help your company compete with those forces.

Google Maps Are Still Under Construction.

Google’s hesitation to invest a considerable amount of resources into the Google Maps project leaves it vulnerable to constant hacker and spammer attacks. Countless fake business listings are dominating the local SERPS and unassuming users fall victim to those unlicensed contractors.

Map spam is also an issue that makes it very competitive to rank locally. You are still going to need local SEO to boost your business over this unfair competition.

Google Make Local Results Competitive by Aggressively Monetizing it.

We all know that Google aggressively monetizes the busiest of its search niches: local search. The standard local pack has been replaced with both ad formats. If you are not paying for the top spots, any attempt to show up in the SERP and grab the attention of potential customers becomes increasingly difficult.

Google is being smart by profiting from local search. Instead of leaving the fate of your business to Google’s chance, it would be beneficial to invest in your own local SEO strategy. If you need assistance with your small business regarding local SEO services, your digital marketing company in Fort Lauderdale recommend that you reach out to a local search expert to develop a strategy that is catered to your company’s needs.