Tandem’s New SEO Drinking Game

What is the Waterfall Drinking Game?

Marketers prepare yourselves for the new SEO drinking game by Tandem.Buzz.

SEO Drinking Game by Tandem

Tandem is a boutique digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale – but don’t let the “boutique” aspect fool you. Our team of marketing experts handles Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, Video Marketing, E-Commerce, Brand Reputation, Local SEO, Landing Page Optimization, and many more services that work together to bring your company to the forefront of a Google search.

Just when you thought all our digital marketing agency couldn’t possibly do any more, we’ve got yet another trick up our sleeves. As SEO marketing specialists, we spend the day figuring out what Google will say, it’s literally our area of expertise. But The Doors sang it best, “people are strange” and some of the search results that pop up are colorful, to say the least, and often hilariously off-base. The 2019 Florida Man Challenge alone proves people can have a lot of fun just by simply Googling, but our team members decided to add libations to the mix to create an awesome Google search challenge that we rolled out at our Tandem Tailgate.

Digital marketers everywhere: sit back, relax, grab a refreshing drink, and turn your Google search to incognito mode. Tandem Interactive presents our very own SEO drinking game, which we’ve dubbed the Tandem Waterfall Game.


How Do You Play the Waterfall Drinking Game?

Alright, alright, alright! So, you’re really interested in this SEO drinking game! Here is how to get the party started with the Waterfall Drinking Game.


  • The game can be played with 3 or more people
  • Every player must set their mobile browsers to incognito and go to google.com
    • iPhone: Tap to open a new window and select “Private” on the bottom left
    • Android: Tap to open a new window and select “New incognito tab”
  • Grab a refreshing drink (preferably an ice-cold beer)
  • The first person to start comes up with a search query, which they will type into their incognito browser. Some G-rated examples are “Why does my….”

Or “The best time to…”


Get as creative as you want with your searches, trust us: you’re going to be shocked and entertained at how bizarre the country’s most searched phrases are.

Examples of search queries you can start with:


  • “Can you get…”
  • “How do you make…”
  • “How to hide a…”
  • “My girlfriend told me…”
  • “Where can I find…”
  • “Is it bad if…”
  • “My husband is…”

On an iPhone, Google will provide the top 5 search results. The other players must go around in a circle, and each player gets one guess at the phrases that appear in the top search results for your query.


Waterfall Drinking Game Rules

Leave the traditional drinking games in the past; the Godfather of drinking games is here. Learn how to master Tandem Interactive’s game for digital marketers: The Waterfall Drinking Game.

Here’s the scoop on how to make it out of this game alive:


  • If a player guesses a phrase that is not in the top 5 search results (don’t be that guy), they must drink.
  • If a player guesses a phrase that is in the top 5 search results (be this guy to stay alive), they can pick someone else to drink.
  • If a player guesses the #1 search result from your query, the “Googler” drinks.
  • If after each person has unsuccessfully guessed, the Googler can choose anyone in the group to drink.
  • The person who guesses the #1 term gets to take control of the search next, and the other players must guess the top 5 answers that come up in the Google search.

Still wanna play? That’s what we like to hear! If you’re still alive after one round of the Waterfall Drinking Game, good for you! For the most daring of the digital marketers out there, Tandem challenges you to Extreme Google Waterfall, which calls for various penalties if the players guess wrong.

Level 1 – Take a sip

Level 2 – Down your drink

Level 3 – Take a shot

The Tandem SEO drinking game can be played anywhere, anytime. Play it when you’re at your desk with coffee (or something better), play it as a pregame before a night out, or even to cool off from a long week of infiltrating SERPs. Either way, just make sure you enjoy the official SEO drinking game of the Tandem Tailgate. Bottoms up!


*Last Updated in November 2019