Digital Drinking Games for Cinco de Mayo

While Cinco de Mayo started as a holiday celebrating the Mexican Army’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, it’s become a big celebration in the US as well.1 Many people are ready to celebrate with popular drinking games for Cinco de Mayo. Today, Google can be your buddy with tons of drinking games to play using your phone, such as our waterfall drinking game. We share our favorite digital drinking games for you to use this holiday.

Digital Drinking Games for Cinco de Mayo

At our SEO and PPC agency in Fort Lauderdale, we like to use Google for everything. Yes, even for drinking games. There’s our Google Waterfall digital drinking game linked above, but we also have some other favorites.

Google Doodle Drinking Game. This one is simple. Flip a coin, choosing heads or tails. Heads is for a Google Doodle, tails is for a normal looking Google page without the doodle. Then, load Google in your phone or computer browser. If there’s a Google Doodle on the screen, then those who got “no doodle” take a shot, and vice versa for the other way around. 

People Also Ask Drinking Game. Google is building up its People Also Ask section. Usually, it includes 3-5 additional questions related to what you’re googling. For this digital drinking game, draw straws or play rock paper scissors to figure out who goes first. The player gets to Google anything they’d like (incognito) and takes a sip for every answer containing the phrase they searched.

So, for example, if you search “what are fun drinking games” on Google and the people also ask section shows:

  • What are fun drunk games?
  • Can you play drinking games in bars?
  • How do you play drinking games?

The person playing would take 2 sips, because “drinking games” is in the People Also Ask section twice. You can continue this game around the group until everyone’s had a turn. If the People Also Ask section doesn’t show up, everyone takes a sip.

Google Maps Drinking Game. Maps are an increasingly important component of SEO marketing in South Florida, and they’re also fun for a digital drinking game. The player opens Google Maps or Apple Maps and types in the name of a type of business: barber, accountant, etc. For every business name that pops up beginning with a pre-chosen letter, the player takes a sip. So if you’re searching for “barbers” in maps and you’ve chosen the letter C, you’d have to take a sip for businesses whose names start with that letter, like “Cool Cuts.”

These are a few options for digital drinking games to play on Cinco de Mayo, or any other holiday for that matter. Remember to sip responsibility!


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