Evergreen Content: What You Need To Know

As a marketing agency in Florida, we at Tandem Interactive are surrounded by evergreen trees, and as a Fort Lauderdale search engine optimization agency, we are certainly familiar with using evergreen content for marketing campaigns.

Evergreen Content Examples

A big part of internet marketing strategies is content creation; content creation is about being relevant. The purpose of evergreen content is to stay relevant. Basically, evergreen content is content that is created with the intent to last. It is useful for getting people to your site on a steady basis, not for quick traffic. While writing content that is timely is good, some content is better left undated.

Creating Evergreen Content

How do you write content that will stand the test of time when something new is trending on Twitter every hour? Creating evergreen content may not be as hard as it seems.

First, the obvious, avoid mentioning time. Talking about “last month” or “this year” will immediately signal to your readers that the date of this article matters or worse, your content is old.

Focus on topics that will be relevant for a long time. Some of the best evergreen content examples may be informative like how to guides or frequently asked questions in your industry. These formats focus on content that should remain mostly the same for many months and even years to come. For example, a guide on how to toss pizza dough can stay relevant for many years.

Updating Old Content

An easy way to create some evergreen content may be to just update some old content instead of starting from scratch. A Fort Lauderdale search engine optimization agency like ours can tell you that a few tweaks can take that outdated list and turn it into evergreen content that continues to bring traffic to your website. It is important to also note that even the best of evergreen content may need a few changes now and again.

With algorithms always changing, online marketing agencies that focus on SEO in South Florida can create evergreen content by tweaking old content to make sure it is up-to-date. This is also a good practice to avoid the possibility of outdated advice or information.

If your business has a list of the top ice cream flavors of 2017, consider removing the date from the title, meta tags, and the content itself. So long as the list is pretty stable information (how much do ice cream flavors change from year to year?), then removing the date could help bring potential customers to your site that may have otherwise missed out.

Review the keywords. Keywords can make or break a piece of content. Tweaking content to contain better, timeless keywords can turn that dusty old blog into a shiny new piece of evergreen content.

Along with making sure your content will last, you will want to ensure that your SEO content contains everything it needs to excel. If you are concerned with your ability to create effective evergreen content, an agency that focuses on SEO in South Florida (like us at Tandem Interactive!) can help. Not only can we create evergreen content for you, but as a company that does digital marketing in Fort Lauderdale, we can also create marketing campaigns and implement internet marketing strategies to ensure that your business is here to stay.


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