Find a Quality Local Search Marketer

Find a Quality Local Search Marketer

In the ever-growing industry of digital marketing, the importance of a local presence is on the rise, and having a quality local search marketer on your team can make or break you.

For years, Google has been tirelessly working on improving the relevancy of local search from its Pigeon update to the more quiet, unofficial Possum update. More and more searches revolve around local results, with high purchase intent. This means that having a local presence is incredibly important for your enterprise.

In the booming industry of digital marketing, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a local search marketer who is knowledgeable and driven to stay at the forefront of any new developments. According to Search Marketing Daily, approximately 44 percent of SMB owners claim that they have a difficult time finding one that delivers an R.O.I. Another 38 percent of SMB owners say that they face difficulties finding trustworthy local search marketing partners.

Most of the hurdles SMB owners experience are due to a lack of communication skills. They feel as though their marketer does not understand their business.

Here at Tandem, a local search marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we know that when it comes to finding a quality local search marketer, knowledge and expertise are very important qualities. However, there a few tell-tale traits that will ensure you have hired a qualified marketing agency.


Collective Team

When you are looking for a local search marketer, see how the entire digital marketing firm works together as a whole. Digital marketing is a collective effort from all departments, including SEO, content creation, reputation management, and link acquisition.

A quality marketer will work together with all departments and leverage strengths in order to meet the client’s goals.


Insatiable Hunger for Learning

Local search marketing is ever-changing. Google is constantly tweaking their algorithms to provide users with the most relevant results. Local search is becoming increasingly important. In order to keep up, you should look for a local search marketer who is always striving to improve themselves, their work, and their results.

It is important for you to look for a marketer who has an insatiable hunger for learning about how to keep your company on the cutting edge of updates.



When it comes to digital marketing, it is important that your agency has the ability to adapt and update its tactics as search evolves. Look for a marketer who is innovative, and constantly making strides to improve their techniques.



Always ask about credentials and references when looking to hire a reputable marketing agency. Any reliable local search marketer should be able to provide you with information regarding successful clients and strategies.

You need to be sure that you can trust them to use good judgment when representing your company. Look for digital marketers that are Google Partners, and follow all of Google’s guidelines in regards to SEO practices.



Many times, local search is trial and error. When it comes to innovation, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy, and oftentimes we try new tactics that can fail and produce no result. However, it is good to have a local search marketer who is enthusiastic about experimenting with new techniques.

It is imperative for the agency to be results-driven, and be able to understand metrics. You should hire a local search agency that is capable of getting their work done, showing improvement in the metrics.



Do your research and find an agency who demonstrates a commitment to their trade, their company, and their clients. The digital marketing agency you hire should show relentless dedication to your company and ensure successful results.