The Case for Optimized Content or Nothing at All

No website should have content that is not, in some form, optimized content. You can optimize content for users and for search, which are both very important to your site. For starters, you need users to be able to find your site, so you must begin by optimizing it for search engines. Do you have to use a content marketing company to create content for you? Not necessarily, but if you decide to go about creating optimized content yourself, you need to be taking the proper precautions.

Why have content if it is not optimized? Would you spend money on printing and distributing flyers if they were not legible and made absolutely no sense? Would you spend money on creating great promotional material, only to have it sit in your office until it becomes irrelevant? You are taking steps backwards if you are creating or even paying for content that is not optimized.

It is not just about wasting money; content that is not optimized can be detrimental to your website. It can have a negative influence on the domain authority and ranking of your website. There are different tactics to creating content to make your site rank in search engines. Your content may rank you for something you might not want it to rank for; thus, a large portion of your visitors may be completely useless because they were searching for something else. Your site could also be too spammy, incurring negative penalties from search engines, which decreases your websites rank in SERPs.

The broader goal of any content marketing company is to improve the internet as a whole; that is part of our mission here at Tandem Interactive. Optimized content creates a better experience for users as much as it does for crawling algorithms.  If you want to be a part of the mission with us, contact us now.