Google Rich Answers Explained

laptop computer displaying the Google homepage

Digital marketers are researching and experimenting with content to figure out the best methods to be present in the Google Rich Answers.

Google rich answers are a one of the newer phenomena on the search engine giant, but are rarely talked about. SEO companies have been researching, testing, and researching some more. People seem to think they are impossible to manipulate. They are all trying to take advantage of the new Google feature. Tandem Interactive would like to share some insight on the matter.

For those who don’t know, Google rich answers are the paragraphs, or lists, that are returned at the top of “Page 1” that immediately answer the query entered into the google search bar. Go to Google, type in “how to boil an egg” and you will notice that the answer is immediately available to you. This is a Google rich answer.

There aren’t a lot of them in search results right now. As of July 2016, there are roughly 855,000 Google rich answers in existence. Of course that does not account for the fact that there are multiple ways to word the question “how to boil an egg” (e.g. “how long to boil an egg”, “boil an egg directions”, “boiling an egg”, etc.). Each google rich answer actually corresponds to multiple varying queries.

The answers are taken from websites, and the link for the website is available for users to click. So how do you get your website to rank for a Google Rich answer? That’s what SEO companies in Fort Lauderdale are asking.

  1. Visit Schema.org

First and foremost, you need to ensure that your formatting is correct. Schema.org the best resource for any online webmasters and all SEO companies. The intent is to create a well-defined and structured set of rules for universal conformity on the internet.

Google’s spiders look for code that is well defined and structured. For example, if you want your listicle to appear on the Google rich answers window, you must ensure that the list is displayed using the <ul> or <li> tag. If the list is within a <div> tag and close to the top of the page, your chances are increased as well. And lastly, either the question or the answer to the question with the specific keyword should immediately precede the list. Make it easy for the spiders!

  1. Give Us Something More

If your link can offer more, better, or interesting information about the topic, your chances of making it into the Google rich answer box increases. Of course this is always the objective for all content writers: make something that is worth reading, as original as you can, and always be additive, not subtractive, in terms of information.

  1. Short and Sweet

Start with the answer. If you can find a simple answer that can be summarized in an interesting way, you are already ahead of the competition. Of course it helps if the question is direct and common, but only while the market is fresh and open. There are still a lot of questions that don’t have Google rich answers.

Final thoughts: Will this affect actual website traffic? People may just look at the Google rich answer and not click on website for further information. At the moment, it is still difficult to tell. Most users will still click on a website, but the common sense argument is that users who only look at the Google Rich answer would not have spent much time on your site in the first place.

And of course, regardless of what happens, SEO companies like Tandem Interactive know how to adapt, and balance will always be restored!