5 Ways to Get More Followers on Social Media

How to Grow & KEEP Your Social Media Following

Learn how to seize your social media dreams with these tips.

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Whether you’re posting pictures of your green tea matcha soft serve or blogging about your family vacation to Europe, chances are you want more followers on your social media platform. If you want to increase brand awareness through internet marketing, or just do some reputation management, below are five key ways to gain more real followers really fast.

Engage with Influencers

This doesn’t mean that you should tag Bill Gates in all of your posts; that would most definitely be counter-productive. Rather, look at your sphere of activity and those who influence it on a more realistic scale. Share their content, tag them in an occasional post, and mention them. This will increase the likelihood that they do the same, which would eventually draw more followers to your platform.

Hashtag It

Caution: this can be fatally overused. Many people hashtag what seems to be their every waking moment. Stay away from this and focus on those that are popular and trending at that time. If you do this, then your account will draw more active followers who may choose to give your account a follow. Use hashtags wisely, thinking about what kind of followers you want to attract.

Polish Your Profile

This one may be obvious. For a more attractive platform, complete your social media profile. Make sure to fill in every field and don’t miss any details. The people you want as followers pay attention to these things because they distinguish the casual accounts from the impactful platforms. Additionally, create a bio that is professional and reflects either who you are or what you want to accomplish with your account. Again, think of your motivations for gaining more followers, as well as the kinds of followers you want to attract.

Stay Active

There’s no point in wasting a follow on an account that’s inactive. If you are committed to growing your follower number, you must stay active on social media. That’s not to say that you should live your life glued to a screen, but make sure to post often enough to ensure that people know you still exist. Studies show that accounts with more posts typically have more followers.

Craft Creative Content

People aren’t going to follow an account that looks like ten others that they’re already following. This is the most important part of gaining more real followers for your account and/or platform. Post creative and insightful content, drawing upon current events and trending topics. While you should be aware of what others are posting on social media, don’t copy them. Instead, use what’s popular and find a way to distinguish yourself within that. People will be drawn to your account’s relevancy and choose to follow you for your creativity.

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