Incredible Instagram Hacks to Gain REAL Followers

You see tons of Instagram “famous” profiles daily. What does it take to achieve this great feat? With a little bit of patience, some creativity, and these incredibly easy hacks, you can be on your way to Instagram glory. So, don’t be average, strive for greatness and let’s begin!

Dream it, do it, HASHTAG it. Cross-promote your personal hashtag, simply putting it in the caption of each post won’t be enough. You need to make efforts to share the hashtag and push people to use it. No one will know that you’re trying to build the popularity of your Fort Lauderdale marketing agency hashtag if you don’t tell them to. Make it part of the image, have a call-to-action (Use #Tandemblog…), put it on anything that spreads the word about your business. The more popularity your hashtag gains, the more popularity your profile will gain as well.

Creativity is King. Hash-tagging can be used in an unbelievable amount of ways. Be ironic and funny. Out-of-the-box creative hash-tagging can go a long way and be the difference between users tagging friends in your posts or receiving a like.

Engagement is huge. Have you ever noticed that popular accounts you follow are throwing random comments on posts that have tons of comments? That’s not for their personal health, it’s for their profile’s health. Engaging in popular conversation, whether it’s throwing your personal hashtag in the comments or a few sly words, is all very beneficial to your page. Essentially, it can be looked at as spray painting your hashtag on a popular billboard, people will notice it.

Are you taking advantage of your profile URL? Or, has the same URL been collecting dust since you put it in your bio when you created the account? That’s depressing, you should change it. Your bio and URL will be seen when people visit your profile, so mix things up every now and then. Post a link to your latest blog update or maybe your other social media account.

Pictures can say a lot, but they can’t say everything. A good description can go a long way. Don’t be afraid to implement this into your strategy, a good story can go a long way. You’ll eventually find your voice and engagement will flow in, just be patient, with time comes progress.

Take advantage of those who influence you, literally. Accounts that have a large following within your niche have an audience that directly relates to who would be interested in your content. When it comes to accounts that relate to digital marketing Fort Lauderdale, Tandem follows them and we engage as much as possible to generate awareness about our accounts. Benefit from popular accounts that are within your niche, turn on post notifications for those accounts and engage with their followers. They will get to know you and traffic to your page will start pouring in.

Monitor the photos your profile gets tagged in. Any photos that you are tagged in on Instagram will be added to your page. This is where you need to implement some brand management and only let the best photos of you continue to be displayed on your page. There is a “hide from profile” feature in settings that makes this very easy.

In addition, to maintain your brand, turn on photo approval in your settings.  This will help you maintain the efforts you put in after cleaning up your tagged photos. Instead of going back and doing weekly cleanups, this feature will notify you for permission to add the photo to your page. Simply deny anything you don’t want to be associated with.

Instagram is all about creativity, but more importantly, having your own style. Of course, we all want to fit in and when you see a style that works for someone, it’s natural to think, “why can’t that work for me?” Instagram was made to stand out! Your profile is for you to be unique and show off your creativity. Express who you are and what you’re all about. Remember, people follow you for you, not a copy of another profile.

By reading, learning more about social media marketing, and tagging your friend, you are completing calls to action, and if you’re not taking advantage, you’re missing out. High followers, comments, likes and link clicks all derive from one thing – engagement. This is the number one proven method in generating a great Instagram presence. Have some patience in the beginning, but once you remain consistent with engaging, the followers will constantly roll in.

Using calls-to-action helps generate engagements and popularity to your page. In the beginning, this may seem like a lost because it can result in zero engagement. Learn from this, archive the posts and see the difference when you gain more of a following. Followers engage with content they can relate to. If you are posting content that is not understandable by your followers, expect zero engagement in return.