Content Consolidation Tips

Check out these content consolidation tips and learn about the concept of SEO lensing, courtesy of Tandem Interactive, an SEO firm in Fort Lauderdale.

Before we get into content consolidation tips, it is important to understand the term. Content consolidation is the grouping of multiple pieces of content into single, focused pieces of content.

As SEO practices become more common and SEO firms grow their influence throughout the online world, content creation had become a standard part of all digital business strategies, which has led to an extensive amount of content online.

Certain SEO firms are looking into a new practice called SEO lensing.

SEO Lensing

Just as a lens is used to focus a clear image, the concept of SEO lensing is an attempt at focusing traffic and creating a clear landing page.

The idea is to use content consolidation tips and multiple low-ranking or mid-ranking pages to create one solid, traffic heavy and well-focused landing page.

  1. Create a single landing page using content consolidation tips.
  2. Ensure this page has the users experience in mind.
  3. Interlink to this page.
  4. Remove low quality pages to increase trust and authority.


Benefits of SEO Lensing

Though still too early to tell, the general idea of SEO lensing makes sense. The tactic will be refined, and eventually, it is likely be the next SEO service offered by firms around the world. If done right, and if the best content consolidation tips are used, the internet will undoubtedly become more refined.


Asking an SEO Firm for Help

When removing pages, creating duplicate content, and creating new landing pages based on traffic, it is essential that you enlist the help of an experienced SEO firm like Tandem Buzz. Adjusting existing content can be detrimental to your website’s ranking. It is easy for an inexperienced Search Engine Optimizer to negatively affect your company’s web traffic and sales. Ask an SEO firm for assistance in consolidating your content.