Running a PPC Agency During COVID-19

Tandem’s Brittni Swenson Speaks to Matt Umbro About PPC Agency Management During the COVID Pandemic

This week’s PPC Town Hall podcast features our Queen Bee and Tandem’s CMO, Brittni Swenson, along with Matt Umbro! In this episode, they go over the effects of COVID-19 on PPC clients.

The last four months have been a bit of a rollercoaster. Businesses closed, then reopened, and now many are closing again as the number of coronavirus cases continues to increase, which has caused some confusion and left many concerned. The pandemic has changed everyday life, affecting client meetings, account management, and so much more. In this week’s episode of the PPC Town Hall podcast, Brittni and Matt discuss how Tandem has pivoted their PPC efforts since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Pivot Your Marketing Strategy

A lot of our clientele success is due to the fact that our worker bees expertly manage these accounts every day using helpful tools such as Optmyzr. While a well-known, reputable brand with an established customer base has a marketing advantage during this pandemic, a thoughtful, smart strategy builds confidence and leads to success for a client who has a limited budget in a not-so-glamorous industry.

While there was a larger focus on SEO towards the beginning of the state- and nation-wide lockdown, marketing efforts have shifted towards PPC as businesses are reopening again, but with a different approach. For instance, with an increase in streaming activity since most people are staying at home, YouTube ads have become effective.

Changing the Marketing Message & Target a Wider Audience

PPC campaigns now promote COVID-19 safety and the precautions the client is putting in place to keep their customers and employees safe. Some retail clients even started selling products such as masks and face shields while promoting safety guidelines to help stop the spread of the virus, neither of which they were doing before the pandemic, thus opening them up to a whole new target audience.

As our PPC team tried various tactics in campaigns for clients, they found that too much emphasis on staying safe, following guidelines, and other pandemic-related ad copy can be overwhelming for customers and detrimental to the brand. Instead, it’s best to balance some of the precautions with a message that’s more positive and uplifting.

These changes in PPC strategies have worked well for some clients; however, as not all our clients are in the same industry, these new methods haven’t been as successful with others. This is why attribution models are so important; keeping track of this data is key in order to see what is working and what isn’t.

Attribution Models

The benchmark KPIs that our team was previously working with are going to be different since these are unchartered times. Customers are changing their thought process and buying patterns so it might be some time before we go back to those benchmarks. The Data Studio reports our team has created have made it a bit easier to track and interpret the data. We also changed the Google Ads modeling systems from linear to time decay so clients can better understand the trends. It is still a challenge, but we believe using these different models has its benefits. Set expectations and be honest with clients by explaining what these attribution models mean for their business. It all comes down to partnership, time, transparency, and patience.

The New Normal

We still have a long way to go. We need to continue to make sure we are taking the necessary precautions. For example, a moving company needs to take additional safety measures during every move, especially while a moving crew is in someone’s home handling their personal items.

“I think that this is going to be the new norm. And if it’s not the new norm, I think it’s going to take a very long time until we do see things going back to normal without the level of social distancing or with people feeling that their safety is going to be jeopardized if they do not wear a mask in a public place.”

– Brittni Swenson, Chief Marketing Officer, Tandem Interactive

Price Modeling

Tandem’s price modeling has definitely changed. We work with a lot of small clients so we take the impact these clients have felt from this situation into consideration; we want to help them during this time.

Our pricing model takes into account whether or not the client is supplying the assets for us or if our team will create them. The graphics, videos, copy, and other content provided by the client would be used first rather than developing these components at Tandem and giving them

an additional invoice when times are tough. We work in tandem with our clients, we act as partners, and we want to help our clients stay afloat and thrive during this time.

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