Podcast Alert! Optmyzer’s PPC Town Hall ft. Tandem’s Brittni Swenson

Tandem’s CMO Talks the State of Marketing Agencies During Era of Coronavirus

This week, Tandem’s CMO Queen Bee, Brittni Swenson, will be a guest speaker on the PPC Town Hall webinar/podcast hosted by Optmyzer. The PPC Town Hall podcast airs live every week. Brittni Swenson joins Optmyzer CEO, Fred Vallaeys, along with Matt Umbro from Hanapin to discuss the state of marketing agencies during the time of COVID-19.

Every single industry has been affected by not only the pandemic itself but also by the nationwide safety measures like lockdowns, shelter-in-place orders, and social distancing guidelines. While people had to adjust to working from home with roommates, partners, kids, or even alone, employers had to figure out a way to keep the business running remotely.

Check out Tandem’s COVID-19 Business Resource series on the blog for more information about how different industries were affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Many marketing agencies suffered at the beginning of the pandemic as client relationships changed, affecting rates for digital marketing services as well as team workload. There were also internal challenges to contend with such as maintaining employee morale and communicating effectively in order to meet deadlines, among numerous others. Despite these setbacks, Tandem was able to implement new strategies, adapt to the situation, and come out of it even better than before! How did we do this? Tune in to Optmyzer’s PPC Town Hall podcast on Wednesday, July 8th from 8:45 am-10 am PT to find out.