Social Media Audits

Social Media Audits

In digital marketing, a campaign is only as good as the numbers that back it up. Social Media Audits keep track of those numbers and set a standard for growth.

In digital marketing, a campaign is only as good as the numbers that back it up. The same is true for social media marketing campaigns. Keeping track of the number of interactions, engagement metrics, and conversions let marketers know how their campaigns are performing and the points they should emphasize or aspects of their campaign that should not be utilized anymore. Fortunately for social media marketers, there are tools given to them that allow them to accurately track the health of their campaigns and determine if their key performance metrics are being met. In the following blog, we analyze which KPIs are the most important and which tools could be used to measure them. 

Which Are the Most Important Metrics to Measure in a Social Media Audit? 

In a social media audit, some important metrics to leverage include the web traffic generated from social media posts. This audience is the most impacted by your social media marketing campaigns and can be used to illustrate how your follower count has changed because of social media marketing campaigns. 

One of the main goals of digital marketing, which may seem obvious, is to lead qualified customers onto your website. A social media marketing campaign is usually powered by a combination of organic and paid content catered to the business’s target audience. For example, a dentist should not waste time posting content that revolves around getting a dentistry license if they want to attract more clients. Instead, their content should revolve around their previous customers and the results that they helped them achieve. By showing this, when their profiles are visited, or their advertisements are seen, their target audience is more likely to be influenced by them and visit their website. Keeping track of web traffic lets businesses know how engaging their content is and how it fits in with their other digital marketing strategies. Google analytics gives social media marketers the data needed to understand where their web traffic is originating from. 

Often in social media marketing, businesses discover that the audience they intended to influence is different from what their actual results yield. Making sure that your content is reaching your target audience is crucial because these are the people who will visit your website after viewing your social media content. If the people visiting your website because of your social media content do not consist of your target audience, your new visitors will quickly leave the page and not purchase any of your goods or services.  Social media platforms collect demographic information on their users and present it to social media marketers to let them know the demographics of the people that their campaigns influence. 

The last important metric is a profile’s follower count. The higher the follower count, the more people are influenced by your content, and the more a social media platform’s algorithm pushes your profile to other users. Tools that social media marketers could use to track their follower count include Buffer.com, SproutSocial.com, and Google Analytics. 

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