How to Use Barnacle SEO Tactics

What Is Barnacle SEO And How It Can Be Implemented In Your Strategy

COVID optimized consumer marketing is more imperative as users alter the way they search and ask. Here is how increases in internet usage have caused marketers to reconsider their strategies.

When ranking for highly competitive keywords seems like a far fetch and not worth the efforts, our Tandem Buzz marketing experts in Fort Lauderdale use barnacle SEO and anchor their clients’ websites into the larger authoritative sites that do rank for those keywords. A term created by Will Scott, barnacle SEO marketing can help your website reap the benefits and exposure of attaching itself like a barnacle does to the side of a ship as it waits for the currents to bring in nutrients. Here is a guide to understanding barnacle SEO and how to use this SEO tactic to your advantage.   

What Is Barnacle SEO? 

Barnacle SEO is the idea of attaching oneself to a larger fixed object to collect the benefits from the traffic and/or rank. Understanding which keywords are too difficult to rank for and are not worth your efforts and investment in is a great start to beginning a barnacle SEO strategy. The key to success in barnacle SEO is latching on to websites that rank for those difficult keywords. As people view the top 5 to 20 of those results, you may benefit from attaching yourself to those pages and waiting for the traffic. 

The idea behind barnacle SEO is that if you are searching for terms and can not rank because it is highly competitive, you need to be on those sites shown first on the search engine response page. A great example of barnacle SEO is the keywords phrase “best pizza restaurant.” In the SERPs, most users will have Yelp appear at the very top. As a local pizza restaurant, you should be a barnacle and get on Yelp as soon as possible. 

Benefits of Barnacle SEO 

Our expert search engine optimization specialists in Fort Lauderdale find that there are many benefits of barnacle SEO strategies. Here are some of the most important reasons our award-winning digital marketing agency can be found using barnacle SEO:

  • Opportunity to rank for highly competitive keywords.
  • A cheap investment with long-term effects.
  • Exposure from being a high traffic and authoritative website.
  • This SEO strategy can be tied in with link-building efforts.

Barnacle marketing tactics can also be used in social media marketing as well. If there are specific trends, hashtags, or collaborations that competitors are on or if there is a shared interest, find a way to latch on and reap the benefits of being a barnacle!

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