A Guide to Keyword Targeting

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If you have ever spoken to a digital marketing professional, they would have likely mentioned the concept of keyword targeting. This is a cornerstone of strategies across several different disciplines of digital marketing. Whether it’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay-Per-Click), or Social Media marketing, these experts are all very familiar with the concept.

But what exactly is keyword targeting, and how do advanced keyword research techniques help businesses looking to grow their online presence? To answer these questions, and hopefully some more along the way, Tandem presents this guide! Our team of professional digital marketers has years of experience in the field and is always ready to explain the method behind the madness of digital marketing.


What Is Organic Keyword Research?

Targeting keywords is the process of making a website and, in turn, a business to be associated with a certain word or phrase in the Search Engine Results Pages, or SERPs. SERPs, such as those found in Google or Bing, are not able to thoroughly analyze every piece of content on the internet, so they use crawlers to assess what a page’s topic is.

Keyword targeting is the process of creating content that specifically mentions certain words and phrases so that the SERPS begin to associate a website with a certain set of words. Paid and organic keyword research tools are used to assess the importance of ranking for certain words and how difficult it will be.

But what is the point of having certain words associated with your website? How will it help your business grow?


The Importance of Keyword Research in SEO

So much of today’s business and personal lives revolve around the internet. It is how we connect with new companies we wish to support and with friends alike. Gaining space for your voice to be heard on the internet has to be done by getting search engines to connect your name with certain things.

For example, if you were selling toasters and wanted the internet’s reach to work to your benefit, writing about toasters will do it. The internet will eventually realize that you sell toasters and will start to let people who require this appliance know that you are a vendor. You can think of keyword targeting as deciding on what to put on a traditional billboard. If you need a company to conduct the appropriate research and craft expert-level keyword targeting practices, then look no further than the team at Tandem!


Our Tandem Marketing Specialists Are Ready to Help

At Tandem, the best of the best in Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agencies services companies nationwide, and we would be proud to help boost your business through digital marketing efforts. Give our team a buzz today to learn more about how we can help, or read some of our other articles to get further insight into all things marketing from our team of professionals.


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