August 2022 Digital Marketing Updates

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Digital marketing success requires a unique combination of data analysis and creative endeavors. It’s no secret that the internet is constantly changing, and with frequent developments in online tools, our PPC, Social Media, and SEO specialists constantly restructure their efforts to ensure the latest and greatest is given to our clients. Keep reading to learn more about the latest digital marketing updates in August 2022 and how they can benefit your business.

August 2022 Internet Marketing Trends 

With the internet in constant motion, it’s no surprise that August has rolled out some more updates in the digital marketing realm. Keep reading to learn what’s new in social media, PPC, and SEO. 

August PPC Updates 

PPC specialists create and plan various pay-per-click campaigns across a range of digital channels. They also oversee existing campaigns and make recommendations to optimize them. Below are some of the latest updates and online advertising trends PPC specialists at Tandem have discovered:


August SEO Updates 

SEO makes up a huge portion of digital marketing efforts, as it’s the process of producing organic and effective ways to interact with audiences and receive traffic online. Below are some major digital marketing updates that our search engine optimization consultants are applying to ensure that clients are getting the most out of our efforts. 


  • Google to Roll Out New Review Content Update: Google has announced plans to change the way it assesses the value of review content on websites. The date of application is currently believed to be August 29th, but it is likely to get pushed into September.
  • “People First” Helpful Update: New guidelines that could affect ranking will be implemented by Google in the coming weeks. The metrics will now focus more on user experience as opposed to how “optimized” the content is. Keeping an eye on the content that previously performed well but had low session duration times will be very important. 
  • Google Roll Out Times Up in the Air: Routinely checking in on clients will likely become a larger part of SEO as content could constantly be changing in rank position. A routine check-in will allow marketers to adjust content to fit Google’s new metrics as a new norm of content creation is established. Since the precise time of the rollout has not yet been established, tracking day-by-day performance will be important in gauging when the full rollout has commenced.

August Social Media Updates

Social media services are a crucial tool in the digital marketing world, as it allows brands and businesses to interact directly with their target audience. Below is the latest internet marketing news concerning social media apps like Pinterest and Instagram that will enable our Tandem bees to reach wider audiences for our clients. 

Our Florida Digital Marketing Agency Can Help 

Digital marketing is a powerful and multifaceted tool that can help skyrocket businesses and websites of all kinds. If you haven’t looked into SEO, PPC, or Social Media efforts for your business or aren’t sure where to start, our South Florida digital marketing agency can help. Tandem Buzz offers a wide range of customizable internet marketing packages to help all kinds of business flourish. 


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