Understanding Website Architecture

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One of the first things any technical SEO expert will do when taking on a new client is an SEO technical audit, and one of the first things on their minds is the status of the client’s current website architecture. This factor will be extremely important for a number of reasons and will help make the client more visible to clients over time. But what exactly is the architecture of a website? And why is it so important? In order to answer these questions, the team at Tandem, a digital marketing agency based in Fort Lauderdale that services clients from all over the United States, has gone to work and created this quick guide.

What Is Website Architecture?

Website architecture has been a mainstay of every technical SEO checklist worth its salt, but what exactly is it? The architecture of a website is how parent and child pages are bucketed. In more general terms, it could be described as the layout of your pages within your website. For example, if you were the owner of an online grocery store selling apples, then you would want to have your website’s apples page set up in the following way:


You should treat your online presence the same way you would a retail store, having everything in its proper place. A website without proper website architecture has the same effect as a store with several standalone products sprawled around a store with no rhyme or reason put into why they were placed in their selected location. If you are still a bit skeptical of the reasons to go about making appropriate architectural changes to your website, then let’s address the benefits you expect to receive from implementing a proper website architecture plan.

How Having a Website Architecture Plan Helps

Once you have found the best architectural website templates to follow and selected one to implement on your website, you can expect to see several developments and improvements. Using the analogy of the online grocer, think of the search engine results pages (SERPs) and website visitors as customers walking into a physical location grocery store. Think of your URLs as the signs that display your offered foods and ingredients. They will know to check your fruits and vegetable section to see if you offer apples. If it is not in the same place as other foods of a similar kind, then they will likely assume you do not have them in your store.

One of the greatest tools for SEO that benefits from proper website architecture is keyword rankings. When proper architecture changes are made, when your “apples” page is ranking for certain words, your “fruits and vegetables” parent page will also be ranking for those words.

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