Google Analytics FAQs for GA4

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Keeping track of analytics on Google, the most popular search engine, is a must. This is especially true for a business that is trying to see the results of its digital marketing efforts on both organic and paid fronts. But with Google Analytics moving away from its Universal Analytics format and towards GA4, certain GA4 training is sure to be needed. Before tackling the learning process of the newest update to one of the most important web tools out there, let the Tandem digital marketing team answer some of the most burning Google Analytics FAQs!


Should You Integrate Now or Wait for Universal Analytics to Transfer in July of 2023?

To kick off this list of Google Analytics FAQs for GA4, let’s cover if you should install it now or wait for it to be completely rolled out as the permanent replacement to Universal Analytics.

The answer is a mixture of both. You should be running both versions simultaneously until the proper rollout date. This will secure a full year’s worth of important information and data from Universal Analytics and will provide a pseudo GA4 training to make sure you don’t miss a beat when it takes over completely.


What Does Google Retiring Universal Analytics Mean for Your Data When You Start GA4?

One of the most common Google Analytics FAQs is the issue of what happens to current data once the switch happens. Losing important data could be a serious hit to digital marketing efforts as it could mask areas that need improvement in a strategy by masking the site’s performance.


Luckily nothing will happen to your data once it’s time to switch! If you are running both programs parallel to each other, then it will naturally feed into your new setup. This is also one of the main reasons that you should be running both GA4 and Universal Analytics at the same time.


What Is GA4 Going to Be Doing Differently?

There are a few important points to keep in mind when it comes to the changes that you can expect to see once GA4 rolls out. Namely, all business owners and digital marketers should take note of “events.”


GA4 will track all actions as “events” rather than the standard session data that many have become accustomed to. The event tracking enables the user to set their own parameters on what’s being tracked and will add more freedom to the user once rolled out!


Why Is Google Retiring the Universal Analytics Property?

There are many people who have become accustomed to the layout and methods Universal Analytics uses for tracking website data. These people are understandably a bit confused as to why Google would change the layout. It is because of this that one of the most common Google Analytics FAQs is the question of why they would change the system in the first place.


Simply put, there are more demands to meet nowadays than ever, and Google wishes to meet those demands head-on. The need for greater control, privacy, tracking ability, cross-channeling, and better reporting is very important, and GA4 will meet those needs. This is the next step in tracking the potential for digital marketing efforts, and it will be exciting to see the future developments of the web tool.


The Tandem Marketing Team is Here to Help

The team at Tandem digital marketing, the top among Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agencies, is highly trained in Google Analytics along with a number of other web tools. We are happy to answer these Google Analytics FAQs for anyone interested in staying ahead of the curve.


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