What Is Gray Hat SEO

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What Is Gray Hat SEO in Digital Marketing? 

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), there are two lines of thinking about optimizing websites: white hat and black hat. White hat and black hat SEO are the names given to ethical and unethical search engine optimization strategies. Often, many websites will toe the line between white hat and black hat strategies, making them users of gray hat SEO strategies.

When it comes to gray hat SEO, many people would like to learn if duplicate yelp listings, keyword stuffing, or barnacle SEO are gray hat strategies. In the following article, our Fort Lauderdale SEO professionals will look deeper into what gray hat SEO is and how you can differentiate between gray hat, black hat, and white hat strategies. Continue reading below to learn more from our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency. 

Can Duplicate Yelp Listings Affect SEO, and Is It a Gray Hat Strategy? 

Since search engine optimization encompasses everything about a business’s online presence and reputation, Yelp is often used by brick-and-mortar businesses to increase their presence on search engines while also providing a certain grade of reputation to the business. However, some businesses think those duplicate listings could increase the probability of someone landing on their listing and visiting their business. This belief is not true, as duplicate yelp listings can hurt your business in several ways. For one, this gray hat SEO strategy can make it difficult for your customers to find the correct business. Secondly, this strategy could congest search engine results pages so that finding the business in question is more difficult. Lastly, duplicate yelp listings make it more unlikely for Yelp to list your business. Yelp does not like to promote multiple businesses listed in the same location. 

How Many Keywords for SEO Do I Use? 

A popular gray hat SEO strategy businesses use is having excessive keywords in the copy. However, using the same keyword or keywords too many times could prove to be a detrimental gray hat SEO strategy that decreases the performance of your website on search engine results pages. Google will begin to notice that you are abusing the same keyword in the copy so that you unfairly manipulate the algorithm of a search engine. Our Fort Lauderdale SEO and social media marketing agency notes that conventional SEO strategies call for the primary keyword to be used three to five times in the copy. Secondary keywords should only be used one to three times throughout the piece of content. 

What Is Barnacle SEO, and Is It a Gray Hat Strategy? 

If you are asking yourself, “What is gray hat SEO?” you may have heard of barnacle SEO. Barnacle SEO is not a gray hat SEO strategy. It does not have any elements of unjustly manipulating search engines at the expense of your readers and potential customers. Instead, barnacle SEO is attaching your website to a larger and more reputable website through guest blogging, reviews, and brand mentions. 

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