July 2022 Marketing & Digital Advertising Industry Trends

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It’s no secret that the online world is constantly changing. To ensure that our digital marketing experts in Florida are working efficiently and effectively for our clients, we make sure to remain up-to-speed on the ever-changing marketing and digital advertising industry trends. If you’d like to learn more about the latest and greatest in SEO, PPC, and social media for the month of July, keep reading!

Latest Digital Marketing Insights of July 2022


PPC Latest Updates in July 

Word in the Tandem hive is that our PPC management experts have received some interesting updates. Below are some of the latest PPC updates rolled out in July:

  • Learn about the changes that have come to Responsive Search Ads (RSAs): The Days of ETAs and Ad testing have come, and advertisers need to be armed and prepared with knowledge regarding RSAs and how they will function moving forward. The first thing one needs to know about RSAs is that they are limited to only three RSAs, changing almost everything we have known when it comes to ad testing. On the other hand, due to this change, the RSA headlines and descriptions also create 43,680 variations for the ad, but they are not accessible in terms of which variations do well compared to variations that aren’t that popular. RSAs also seem to increase the number of impressions one ad group will get compared to an ad group that just has ETAs. As of May of 2022, ad groups with only RSAs got about twice as many impressions as an ad group with only ETAs. These might seem like dramatic changes but could be combated with pinning certain assets in ads as well as swapping and adding assets.
  • Understanding Ad Rank and how to improve it: Ad Rank is a value that is determined by your maximum bid for a keyword multiplied by the keywords Quality Score. This basically means that the more relevant your keywords, ad text, and landing pages are to the keyword you are bidding on, the higher your ad will rank. There are also other factors that go into that formula, like the competition of the specific auction and ad extensions. Now that we know what goes into Ad Rank and what could affect it let us get into how you could improve your Ad Rank without having to increase spending. The first thing you could do to improve your Ad Rank is to work on your ad relevance. Focus on the specific keywords that you are bidding on and keywords that people are most likely to be searching for. RSAs help with this because they allow for up to fifteen headlines and four descriptions, giving you space to test which headlines most people are clicking on. Focusing on Ad Extensions will also help with Ad Rank because they give the advertiser the chance to add information that the ad wasn’t able to convey in the ad. For example, adding a lead form extension could help drive conversions if your landing page is less than stellar. Improving Landing Pages to correlate with the keywords could also improve Ad Rank.

SEO Updates in July 2022

SEO services play a crucial role in site health and performance on search engines all across the board, including the well-known Google. With numerous SEO specialists at our Florida digital marketing agency, we’re always developing new and unique ways to boost your site’s performance. That being said, below are some of the latest SEO trends for this month:

  • Google has confirmed an ongoing issue with Google Search Index: On July 15th, Google squashed the confusion of many SEO specialists when they released a statement about the ongoing issues with Google Search Index. However, the root cause is unknown. Although the issue seems to have been resolved fairly quickly, specialists may need to reindex any posts, pages, or even sitemaps to ensure their work is indexed.
  • Google clarifies title tag guidance: Google recently gave our SEO bees title tag gold when they clarified their update of Search Central guidelines for controlling how title tags are displayed in search. Considering that keyword rankings can be heavily affected by title tags, this new guideline offers digital marketing agencies like Tandem the opportunity to better their strategies.
  • Google rich results are not allowed on prohibited, regulated, or harmful products: Google Search has added new content guidelines to the rich result help document. These guidelines directly prevent specialists from creating markup products or content that’s widely prohibited or regulated or that may facilitate serious harm to self or others. Product examples include firearms and weapons, recreational drugs, tobacco, vaping products, gambling-related products, and other products that can pose threats of physical harm. This is especially important for specialists of these agencies to note.
  • Google shopping implements Search Discover for black, women, veteran, and Latino-owned businesses:  Google has added a new Discover filter to the Google Shopping search sidebar, allowing users to filter shopping results by black-owned, Latino-owned, veteran-owned, or women-owned businesses. Not only does this open the doorway for further representation of these groups, but this update could lead to an uptick for clients who fall under this umbrella.

July Updates in Social Media 

Social media is another important aspect of digital marketing, as it gives clients a voice and personality and allows them to interact with and learn about their clients in an easy and personal format. Below are some of the latest trends in the social media marketing world: 

  • Tiktok is now dominating and expanding into News and Search: Reports show that TikTok’s influence is extending beyond entertainment, with users now increasingly turning to the app for search and discovery. Google’s Senior Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan noted that when they’re looking for a place to eat lunch, around 40% of young people go to TikTok or Instagram for recommendations instead of Google. 
  • Youtube announces new Shopify integration, expanded in-stream commerce tools, and listings: Another recent development in marketing is YouTube’s partnership with Shopify, which allows Shopify merchants to feature their products across their YouTube channels and content. By using the Google Channel app within Shopify add-on tools, users can now activate YouTube Shopping and connect their YouTube accounts to easily display products from their Shopify inventory.
  • Instagram adds new business search tools within IG maps: Instagram has launched a new search map feature that will provide users another way to discover local businesses and get more information about them. The new Map Search option will enable IG users to sift through popular tagged locations near them while also being able to filter locations by specific categories such as restaurants, cafes, and beauty salons. Considering that more people are turning to Instagram to search for these locations, this tool is definitely going to come in handy.
  • Meta adds new, in-stream payment options for small businesses: Meta recently launched options for payment between users and businesses within the Messenger chat service, providing another way to facilitate transactions through the app. The process will enable users to request payment within a message thread and transfer funds.
  • Pinterest adds new product display options with an updated shopping API: Pinterest is also updating its in-stream shopping tools, with the addition of features like Product Tagging for Pins, a Shop Tab on Business Profiles, and a new API for Shopping to allow greater connection and integration for merchants.

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