Price Extensions for Google AdWords

Do You Need Price Extensions?

Tandem Buzz reports on Google's recent change: introducing the “Price Extensions” feature to its list of Google AdWords capabilities./i>

Google has recently introduced the “Price Extensions” feature to its list of AdWords capabilities. With this new feature, Google AdWords pay-per-click users will be able to display a detailed list of products and/or services that they offer right there, in the ad copy. Price extensions offer more information to your audience and creates an opportunity to make competitor comparisons without them having to actually go to your website. This new feature hopefully will help to provide better information to your customers and encourage them to call your business to inquire about products or schedule appointments.

Are price extensions right for you?

If your business offers products and/or services, then the answer is likely “yes.” With price extensions, businesses have the ability to list anywhere from three to eight entries per extension. Digital marketing agencies in Fort Lauderdale say that the goal here is to keep in mind what your audience is ultimately looking for when they come across your ad. Make sure to keep the list of products/services very specific to your keywords.  With these new ad extensions businesses even have the ability to display time-sensitive promotions and pricing with the scheduling component – allowing users to show relevant price extensions for specific dates and times.

Here are just a few things to consider when adding price extensions.

  • They will only show with mobile text ads that are in the first position.
  • Currently, price extensions are only displayed in English. Although, you do possess the ability to select different currencies including USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, and NZD.
  • Choosing the correct price extension type dictates how your ad will display. You can choose from:
    • Brands
    • Events
    • Location
    • Neighborhoods
    • Product categories
    • Product tiers
    • Services
    • Service categories
    • Service tiers
  • Price qualifier options allows users to select “from” and “up to” pricing.


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