Why Aren’t More SEO Companies Talking About This Google Lawsuit?

Google did What?

Google manually deletes website eVentures and gets sued - SEO companies in Fort Lauderdale provide coverage on the Google lawsuit.

Google Sued for Manually Deleting Website

Google just lost a request to dismiss the case that London based SEO firm e-Ventures brought against the search engine company. Digital marketing firms in Fort Lauderdale learned that the Google lawsuit was initiated after SEO firm e-Ventures was manually deleted from search results earlier this year, allegedly because it was identified as a spam website.

The company has since brought a lawsuit against Google in the Florida circuit court, and surprisingly no Fort Lauderdale SEO companies seem to be reporting on it.

It is rare for Google to manually deleted websites; while 11 million websites were deleted in a mass purge a few years ago, Google is certainly not trigger happy; the company prefers to let the algorithm handle the work.

However, e-Ventures is claiming that they were removed because, as an SEO firm, they are Google’s competition. This Google lawsuit could be the beginning of a legal precedent that will put more legal scrutiny on Google’s page ranking algorithm.

E-Ventures claims that Google wants companies to use the paid search options to rank higher. Since SEO companies are charging for that service, Google is losing out on revenue.

Google argued that it is protected by the first amendment when determining whether a site is considered spam or not; however, the judge did not agree and said that Google did not act in good business faith. As of today, there is still no outcome or dates set for the trail.

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