Expanded Text Ads Best Practices

Here's What You Need to Know On Expanded Text Ads

One of many options to get your message across to users, expanded text ads.

If you’re doing search ads on Google or Bing, you know that there are a few options to choose from to get your message across to users. The most common among the choices are called expanded text ads. They get shown the most on the search and need much consideration when making so you can run successful search campaigns. Here are a few tips to think about when creating your expanded text ad:

Where to Put the Important Stuff

Expanded text ads consist of three possible headlines and two possible descriptions. You get 30 characters for your headlines and 90 characters for descriptions. The part that isn’t common knowledge is that headline 3 and description 2 don’t get much on the results. This could be to fit more ads in the ad space or because that much text could be overwhelming for Google’s users. Whatever the case, headline 3 and description 2 don’t get shown often, so you need to make sure you don’t include the meat of your message in those positions. 


Testing is crucial in marketing and should be done on your expanded text ads pretty frequently. There’s no set time frame that you should follow for how frequently you should test. Do give a test an adequate amount of traffic to confirm any results. Make sure to always try new ideas for your expanding text ads and keep striving for the best ads possible.


All pay-per-click (PPC) advertisers have at one time or another created ads by only sticking to the keyword-focused text, a call to action, and the brand’s name. However, something to consider is greetings in your text. Greetings go along when someone sees an ad. They stand out and don’t seem as pushy as some lazier ads. A simple “Hello, we’re ___” can be a refreshing ad copy to throw into some of your ad tests as they may increase your click-through rate.

Amp Up Internal Pressures

Everyone has worries when spending money or committing to anything. You can play off these assumed internal pressures in your ads for those users on the fence about whether to commit or not. Something like “Don’t wait till ___” or “Don’t miss this deal” can help nudge users in the right direction and get you a new customer.

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