Prospecting, Funneling, and Using All Channels

Prospecting Through Different Channels

One of our PPC Specialists walks you through how to prospect through different channels.

If you need guidance on how to market, one thing that’s useful is prospecting. When mentioning prospecting, this is referring to gathering potential customers, figuring out how to best speak to them, and creating a plan to close those customers. A few good ways of prospecting and gathering potential customers’ data would be:

  • Analyzing interactions on your site
  • Thinking about customers’ objections and questions about your service or product
  • Reviewing market research
  • Utilizing customer or market surveys

Using methods like these will build your database and properly set you up to market across channels.

Funneling Cross-Channel

Once you gather your potential customers, put them in a funnel that will lead to your desired action. Set your ads on higher funnel channels with less intent. Then use the info you gathered to introduce your business by focusing on what you figured out customers like the most about your company. This could be accomplished on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, a display network, or any marketing channel where a potential customer isn’t necessarily looking for your service or product. Converting a customer at this step is less likely, but that’s not the main concern. At this point, it’s better to look at click-through rate rather than conversion rate.

After you’ve introduced yourself, retarget if possible. Aim to get those users or people similar to those users to want to use your product or service. This could be with higher or lower funnel channels and messaging that offer limited-time discounts. It could also be news about the market that might entice them to act or a reference to seasonality that will make the user want to act quickly. 

A step after that would be to address the customers’ concerns or questions and use the data you gather while prospecting. At Tandem.Buzz, we suggest addressing concerns by remarketing on higher funnel channels and addressing these questions in ads on lower-funnel channels like search networks. This is the point where you want your highest conversion rate. If a user does not convert here, remarket to them by addressing another concern or question and see if the messaging will help them take action the second time around. 

You may not need to set up each step of the funnel described above. It’s up to you to know your market, your clientele, and what steps need to be added or removed from your marketing plan. Still, for any good marketing plan, you will need to: prospect, set up your funnel, and execute.

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