Local Search Tips for Surgeons

Tandem Buzz provides local search tips for surgeons and other medical practitioners interested in expanding their brand locally.

Here at Tandem Interactive, a local search marketing company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we know that a good SEO strategy is not just about achieving high organic search results overall. In reality, for surgeons and other medical practitioners, your local search position is actually a lot more important.

For surgeons, the majority of patients are going to be coming from local areas, usually within 20 miles of their practice, so those are the potential patients searching online that surgeons should be striving to target. Local search matters significantly, yet it is often overlooked by professionals.

Google’s algorithm places emphasis on locale, even if searchers do not include geo-targeted keywords in their search. With a little bit of effort, surgeons can snag some major local search marketing benefits.

Local search marketing companies in Fort Lauderdale have local search tips for surgeons so their practice can improve their local rankings:

  1. Use more geo-targeted keywords in your webpages.

Keyword optimization is still a critical component to successful SEO. Choosing the right keywords can have a significantly positive effect on your local search results, so make sure that your website is sprinkled with local references without overdoing it.


A great local search tip for surgeons is to add localized photos and use location tags when you upload them to your site. You can also craft blog posts about community events, work you have done in the community, or neighborhood events you are interested in.


  1. Make sure that your surgical practice has consistent listings across the web.

Aside from Google’s search engine, Google+, and Google My Business, you will need to make sure that your business is properly listed on Google Maps, Yahoo, Bing, Yellow Pages, BBB, Yelp, etc.


There are hundreds of online directories where you can properly submit your business listing. Make sure your address or NAP (name, address, phone number) is consistent and correct across all listings and sites.


  1. Get links back to your site from reputable sources.

Links back to your site from reputable sources are a gold mine. When those links come from local authorities like BBB, newspapers, TV news sites, hospitals, or so on, they give you more local authority and increase your rankings in search.


Another great local search tip for surgeons is to have the inbound links use an anchor text with your targeted local keywords. Your anchor text is relatively succinct and strongly related to the landing page you are sending people to, and will add some extra ‘umph’.