Surgeons Are Becoming Doctors of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

The South Florida digital marketing agency, Tandem Buzz, shares how doctors and surgeons can use social media marketing to grow their practices.

Doctors and surgeons are no longer relying on the good ‘ole notion of referrals to acquire patients and keep their scheduling books filled. The fact of the matter is, we live a world that is quickly becoming more and more digital. Like many other businesses, doctors and surgeons have turned to social media and other forms of digital marketing to get in front of potential patients and other interested parties. Social media marketing for doctors not only helps advertise for the doctor, but also helps to educate people interested in the services or procedures offered by that doctor.

Social media agencies in Fort Lauderdale say that doctors like Michael Salzhauer (Dr. Miami), have revolutionized the way in which doctors are connecting with patients, educating the public, and ultimately marketing their practice more effectively. Dr. Miami is known for being one of the first surgeons to stream live videos from the operating room via the social media platform, SnapChat. It was reported that, on average, 100,000 people tune into his SnapChat account per hour! On this account, his social media assistants record the whole play-by-play process of undergoing popular plastic surgeries such as breast augmentations, tummy tucks, and Brazilian butt lifts, just to name a few. Viewers tune in for a variety of reasons – some are interested in undergoing similar surgeries, while others are just simply enthralled by the guts and gore.

Technology has given individuals the opportunity to become more knowledgeable and educated about the things they are interested in. People, especially those considering something as serious as surgery, are making the research easier by using resources that are more easily available to them; such as social media platforms and search engines that they already use every day. Social media marketing for doctors only lends greater marketing opportunities, often at lower costs than traditional marketing.

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