Are AdWords Shopping Campaigns & Ads Right for You?

Shopping Campaigns & Ads

The digital marketing agency, Tandem Buzz, explains what shopping campaigns are in Google AdWords and whether they're right for your business.

What are shopping campaigns and ads?

There are several different types of ads you can create and run in Google AdWords. Shopping campaigns and ads allow businesses to list their inventory right on the results page, along with other search ads that are related to the user’s search query. The ads appear in the Google Shopping tab on the results page, next to other text ads, and on Google Search Partner websites, like YouTube and Image Search.

Users are shown an image of your product along with other information; including a description title, the price, product ratings, and your store name. Below is a shopping ad example for the search term “shoe.”


Why should I add them to my AdWords account?

If the business you provide includes an inventory list of products, then chances are shopping campaigns and ads are right for you. AdWords specialists in Fort Lauderdale explain that by displaying important information such as product image, descriptions and pricing, you are able to extend more information to the user before they even click on the ad. These Google shopping ads are a win/win for both the consumer and your business. The consumer is able to easily tell if you offer the product they are looking for and at a price they are willing to spend. This means that your business’s marketing dollars will be spent more efficiently, on more qualified leads for your products. To learn more about how to optimize your pay-per-click marketing strategy contact Tandem Buzz.