Retargeting 101 Using Google Analytics

Have you ever looked up a product or service online and it shows up later as an ad on your Facebook? That is retargeting at its most basic form. Retargeting is capturing someone who comes to your site and tagging them, so you can follow them around the rest of the internet after they leave.

Our Fort Lauderdale PPC agency understands the importance of turning visitors to your website into customers. That’s why we work hard to capture valuable and authentic traffic from your website through retargeting. Here’s how you can use Google Analytics to help your retargeting efforts:

All Users: Smart List

Based on historical conversion data from businesses like yours, Google Analytics can estimate which users are most likely to convert during subsequent sessions. Remarketing to this audience allows you to optimize your marketing budget based on the users closest to converting.

New Users

This feature targets users who have conducted only a single session on your site. This can be a powerful way to segment new prospective customers from others who are already on the path to conversion.

Returning Users

Returning users, as the name implies, targets users who have visited your site or app already. This can be an effective way to re-engage with users who are already familiar with your brand, but haven’t yet made a purchase.

Users Who Visited a Specific Section of Your Site (e.g. /index.html, shirts, /cart/)

This option uses the “contains match” type. If the URI for a page, screen, or directory contains the text you enter here, then that is considered a match. This means you can segment users by the pages they visit and the products they are most interested in.

Users Who Completed a Goal Conversion

This feature targets users who have completed a micro-conversion, like signed up for email registration or submitted a contact request. Learn more about goal conversions here.

Users Who Completed a Transaction

These are the users who have previously made purchases. Targeting them requires that you’ve set up eCommerce transaction tracking. Learn more on how to set up conversion tracking here.

Remember that retargeting can be a valuable tool for your business to increase conversions and reach indecisive customers. Our Fort Lauderdale PPC agency can help you stay relevant and build awareness with your potential customers. Call Tandem Interactive today to learn more!