March Social Media Updates You Need Know About

3 Main Social Media updates

Internet marketers can expect a variety of new developments in social media; from WordPress plugins on Facebook to ads on Pinterest. Stay relevant or die!

This coming March is going to be filled with plenty of new developments in the social media world for internet marketers. Some have been in the works for months, and some have seemingly come out of the blue; regardless, these are the March social media updates you need to know about.

Facebook introduces WordPress plugin for Instant Articles.

Combine the powers of the leading social media network and the reach of a blog platform giant, and you have the WordPress plugin for Instant Articles on Facebook.

This upcoming April 12th, Instant Articles will be available to all publishers via a WordPress plugin. The plugin has already been tested with “a small group of publishers” on WordPress and will allow publishers using standard WordPress templates to activate the plugin off the shelf. Consequently, users who prefer further customization will be able to extend the plugin to support any other element they want.

Pinterest Ads Manager opens up businesses of all sizes.

Pinterest Ads Manager is now available to all small and medium-sized businesses, allowing all to schedule Promoted Pins.

This announcement made such big waves due to the fact that Nippon Malhotra, an ads product lead, shared that companies who have already used Pinterest Ads Manager have seen a 20 percent increase in clicks, all within a month of starting their campaigns. Pair Pinterest Ads Manager with interest, keyword, and customer database targeting, and you have a game-changing social media update on your hands.

Facebook’s Atlas adds video-ad serving and two new measurement tools.

Video-ad serving and two new measurement tools are being added to Facebook’s Atlas, their new ad serving and measurement platform.


According to Dave Jakubowski, Facebook’s head of advertising technology, video ad serving via the Atlas platform will be “broadly available” by the end of the month. With this, advertisers will be able to understand if their online ads are influencing offline purchases through two new measurement tools. The first measurement tool from Atlas, offline actions, will tie offline sales to online ad spend. Path to conversion, the second measurement tool, will provide insight into the multiple devices that users see ads on before pulling the trigger on a purchase.