How You Write Content Matters

Tandems Tips to Improve Your Writing

You don't need to be a talented writer to create optimized content that is engaging. Fort Lauderdale SEO Firm Tandem Buzz explains the fundamentals.

It is no shocker that when I tell people I am a content writer, the first thing they say is, “Wow you must be a great writer.” While most people think this is true, I actually do not consider myself an amazing writer.  In college, I took many English writing classes, and while I did enjoy them, I also got a lot of B’s and numerous side comments from professors on ways to word things better. It was a constant struggle until one of my teachers mentioned that my writing just needs to flow and not sound so formal.

I took these words into consideration. I have never been good at telling stories, which my two-year-old can attest to, but most of my content writing was informational and sadly robotic.  How you write content matters in the same way how you speak to people matters. Many business owners and individuals do not take the proper time to create great content because they just don’t think about it. And in the world of the internet, content is all we see.

We are building human connections with the words we type. Creative, human-like content writing is providing a big impact on how we as humans feel about certain things, people, and even products. There are many reasons why startups, app developers, tech companies, and retailers hire content writers for their business. More importantly, content needs to come from writers who write more like a human than a robot. If this is a struggle for you, Tandem Buzz has some ways to help you write like the human that you are.

• Read your content out loud. Embrace your language and pay attention to what your consumers are saying. Ask yourself simple questions like:

-Does this sound like something a human would say?
-Is this clear?
-How would someone feel if I said this out loud?

• Throw out all the complicated MBA language you learned in college, along with all the unnecessary industry-standard terminology that the average human needs a glossary to understand.

• Think about how your consumers speak, and how your family and friends talk to each other; do your best to write like how people speak to each other in real life.

So, does content writing really matter? It does to those who are searching for an answer; after all, you want to ensure that your answer is the one that attracts the consumers.