Innovation for Kenshoo Helps Top Ad Agencies with Intent-Driven Audiences

The Impact of Kenshoo

A look at the cloud-based marketing software, Kenshoo. Learn about their newest feature, Intent-Driven Audiences (IDA), and what this means for their future.

For those of you unfamiliar with Kenshoo, it is cloud-based marketing software. Kenshoo was developed for E-Commerce in 2006. The founder’s innovation for Kenshoo was to maintain a massive database of campaigns, keywords, and ads to deliver in seconds. Most SEM management tools available during the birth of Kenshoo required the user to download an entire account before they could create filters and changes. 
For over 8 years Kenshoo has been optimizing search, social, and local campaigns for SEM. On Wednesday, June 4, Kenshoo announced the release of its newest feature Intent-Driven Audiences (IDA). This innovation for Kenshoo and its new technology has created a bridge that will integrate paid search ads through Facebook audiences.  The custom audiences are created through users that have clicked on specific search ads and are then targeted to receive ads across Facebook’s platform, including mobile. 
So far, Kenshoo’s IDA results have been promising showing up to a 110% ROI, 66% lower CPC, and 30% lower CPA. The development began in January 2013 through a multi-month test with an unnamed national retailer. The campaigns also showed that the Facebook ads had a positive impact on paid search performance lifting conversion rates by over 19% and revenue by 22%. 
Kenshoo’s CMO, Aaron Goldman, spoke about the release and reassured marketers that this tool “may take budgets from the display and other channels, but not search because it’s always going to be your strongest ROI”. So Kenshoo is still in support of search budgets but says that the IDA’s introduction can make campaigns more valuable and help to convert consumers to Google, Yahoo, and Bing as well as Facebook. 
Overall, this could be a great tool for any business that is looking to fill the gap between their search and social efforts. Keep in mind as Mr. Goldman said, this new feature in the innovation for Kenshoo should not take away from your Search budgets, but you should look at this budget as assistance for conversions and revenue lift.