Facebook Organic Reach Update

The Update: Facebook’s organic reach now lies on the engagement factor, how many people comment on, react to or share posts which in turn, is how high posts appear in newsfeeds. This update will also be prioritized – based on your interests, posts will be organized in an order that the post you will most likely interact with, will be the first post you see. Followed by posts in order, descending to the post with the least chance of engagement occurring.

What can we expect? A more personalized Facebook. Facebook’s update is relying on all posts that will cause back and forth interaction between you and your friends. So, when you login to Facebook you can expect a more engagement and interaction based newsfeed rather than the random videos you see currently. Not only will the prioritization factor be on engagement, but it will feature posts from friends and family you most frequently connect with through the app.  Essentially, your closest friends will remain in your feed and most posts like ads and product placements will be drawn out.

Impact on pages and public posts. For business pages that advertise through Facebook, expect a decrease in traffic to these pages. The new update is to meet the users of Facebook on a more personalized basis. Videos and pages that there are not a lot of interaction on will see the biggest impact of page views and comments until the switch is completely made. Additionally, for those consumers who are worried about videos not being seen at all. Do not worry, the update includes a feature that many of your frequent followers can change so specific pages can be seen in their newsfeed first.

Will page content be eliminated completely? No, there will still be content posted to everyone’s newsfeed, it will just be at a much lower rate that users see paid content. If a post is not causing interaction and engagement between users, the video will see less and less time in the newsfeed.