Common SEO Mistakes

During Pubcon Florida 2019’s Fail! Top Search and Social Mistakes session, Ryan Jones discussed common SEO mistakes that even large brands have made. Mistakes can happen, but SEO mistakes can be costly. Here are common SEO blunders and hiccups that we can learn from.


Types of SEO Mistakes

There are seemingly endless ranking factors search engines consider, and in the same vein, there are TONS of opportunities for making mistakes. At Pubcon, attendees learned about common SEO mistakes, including:

  • Focusing on the wrong keywords
  • Writing about topics that are irrelevant or you have no authority on
  • Coding errors that confuse bots
  • Using the wrong-sized images
  • Confusing differences or errors in canonical tags


How to Avoid SEO Mistakes

To avoid SEO mistakes, you should learn from the mistakes others have made. Take notes about what went wrong and create processes to avoid these hiccups. Further tips for avoiding mistakes include:

  • Reviewing Google Quality Rater Guides to assess your approach
  • Considering content from every angle – can this be offensive to someone?
  • Building best practices checklists for uniformity
  • Running regular site audits to catch errors
  • Check image sizes, compress where possible
  • Regularly visit your analytics and Google search console to check for reported errors


Remember That SEO Is Not an Afterthought

In his pubcon session, Ryan Jones outlined it wonderfully. One of the biggest mistakes any company can make with their website is to use SEO as an afterthought.

“SEO is not a condiment, it’s not something you can sprinkle on after the fact, it’s an ingredient.” – Ryan Jones

SEO is something that should be incorporated from the get-go, not sprinkled in randomly into your website after it has been created. This is because SEO is the backbone of numerous site elements and tossing it in at the end of everything will improperly incorporate these crucial components.


SEO Is A Major Marketing Ingredient

When developing your website and any marketing strategy, you need to keep SEO in mind. This is because successful search engine optimization works in conjunction with other aspects of your company.

Good SEO will be embedded in your web design, it will also work hand in hand with your other marketing techniques. Treating SEO as an afterthought is a disservice to your company and its marketing potential.

SEO needs to be a major ingredient for your marketing plan. For help concocting the perfect recipe for search engine success, contact a digital marketing team in Fort Lauderdale today.