Optimizing Content For Current Events: How the Election Could Have Gotten Your Website More Traffic.

One thing everyone can agree on is that this past presidential election was one for the books! After the night of the election, certain Google searches spiked. There was so much traffic to Canada’s immigration site that it crashed! We can take this case as a reminder to optimize your content for events that are taking place. Tandem Interactive, a company that specializes in SEO in Fort Lauderdale, suggests that creating content with optimized keywords for events that are about to take place can influence traffic to your website. Optimizing for current events is a practice that every brand should utilize in order to create brand awareness through ranking for what consumers are searching for during that time.

In a situation like the election, there is going to be one out of two possible outcomes. Either Donald Trump would win or Hilary Clinton would win, and you better bet that people will be Googling about it! Prior to the election, if you created optimized content with keywords that contain facts about either candidate, or with keywords such as “Popular vote”, or “what happens after the election”, chances are your site could have gained more traffic.

Local searches could have greatly been influenced as well. While you are optimizing for current events, consider your location. Think about the people living in the area your business is in. What do you think they may be searching for on Google based off location? It is wise to remain neutral in a circumstance such as the election, however if you live in Texas, your state is as red as can be. Optimized content that republicans may be searching for could have a higher traffic result for this region.

Tandem Interactive believes that keeping this in mind will be beneficial. Optimizing for current events is a simple tactic for SEO in Fort Lauderdale, that all businesses can take advantage of. For Florida residents, legalization of marijuana in the Sunshine State would have been a hot topic that your business could have tried to rank for.  Keep searchers coming to your site by creating content around the most current top searches, then they will see your brand and get to know it and associate with it. Google is a fluid search system; work on flowing with the times and you can ride the SEO wave to success.