How is Cake Browsing Going to Affect SEO?

Has there ever been a time in your life where you needed a quick online search? Imagine this: you’re watching a movie when you notice that one actor seems super familiar. You decide to quickly search other movies that he has been in while also trying not to miss too much of the scene. How long does it take for a simple search to turn into an entire mission of Google searches?

Mobile browsing has been a certain way for years. You type your query in the search bar and look through several links. If the first link you clicked on wasn’t what you wanted, you must click the back button and search through the links all over again. Even The Medium believes that there must be another way to change mobile browsing. As a Mobile SEO company, Tandem Interactive tries to stay ahead of the game with new ways to mobile search.

People have noticed that mobile browsing has become more of a mission than an accomplishment, which is why a new browser was created earlier this year: Cake Browsing. Cake’s goal is to make searching on our mobile phones faster than usual. Here’s how: rather than looking through several links to find the right one, Cake simply takes you to the first result. You have the option of swiping right for a new page or left for the results page. Cake still has a feature for several search options such as: news, images, web, video, and shopping. While swiping through your results, Cake includes options from other sources like Giphy, Bing, Flickr, and more. Not to mention that each page is fully loaded and comes with an optional ad blocker.

A new way to browse – sounds cool right? Cake browsing seems to fix all mobile search problems, but how does that affect SEO? There are a few ways Cake both positively and negatively affect SEO.

Because Cake makes it easier to swipe through several websites, people may check through more results than they would with regular mobile browsing. This gives companies with slightly lower rankings the opportunity to be found. However, since Cake always loads the first page result, users need to use the right keywords to find the best result for them. This kind of browsing won’t be the best option for someone who doesn’t know exactly what they are looking for. Links need to make sure that they are using correct keywords to make sure that they will be seen via Cake searchers.

The main question is: will Cake Browser positively or negatively affect SEO?