Using Facebooks Free ‘Paid Online Events’

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world to its roots. The disease has caused many people to shutter inside to avoid contracting or transmitting the virus. With the increasing number of people staying at home, services that allow for remote watching have become increasingly available. The use of services like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have skyrocketed among consumers as they search for safe ways to interact with people from the safety of their homes. 

While the pandemic rages on and people stay inside, the inclination people have to interact with businesses and socialize has not changed. Also, the impossibility of businesses to physically interact with customers has forced many of them to take their offerings to the internet. Since customers are engaging with businesses online more than ever, using the right digital marketing tactics for businesses has become extremely relevant. 

Facebook Online events are one of the ways businesses can host remote events for customers. 

Facebook Online Events

Fortunately for many businesses, Facebook has announced its support for online business by introducing its new “online events” feature. Using Online Events, businesses will be able to host large events through Facebook Live. Facebook is also testing the ability to host small and interactive gatherings through the Facebook Messenger app. The social media giant’s goal is to give business owners the ability to create an event, set the price, promote the event, collect the payment, and host the event from Facebook to millions of people on the internet. 

These events could be anything from talks, meetings, classes, meet-and-greets, fitness classes, and other workshops. The biggest draw of utilizing paid online events is that they are completely free for businesses and easy to set up.

Aside from casting to your regular audience, Facebook events allow your business to expand past its regular audience. The way that businesses expand their customer base is by making itself more accessible to people who otherwise would not have been thanks to the connectivity of the internet. 

To make a paid online event on Facebook your business must first be eligible. To be eligible, you must be operating in a region where Facebook events are allowed. After ensuring that Facebook allows online events in your area, you must make sure that you comply with: Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies, Paid Online Events Terms and Conditions, Apple’s, App Store Guidelines for In-App Purchases, Google Play’s Monetization and Ads Policy. A more detailed explanation of the guidelines is available on Facebook’s website.

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