Boost Your Analytics Insight With User ID Tracking

Digital marketing campaigns for businesses are at their most effective when statistics are accurately recorded. Fortunately, Google Analytics allows businesses to record the success of their Google advertising campaigns. Google Analytics helps users keep up with their website’s performance by recording the number of hits, page views, sessions, and users.

One of the old loopholes of how Google Analytics records data is by not making a distinction between different users who access your website and the same user who access a website with different devices. The conflation of users and devices could lead to misleading numbers due to an inflated count coming from the same user. An inaccurate measuring of people that visit your website can lead to untimely modifications, which can hurt your digital marketing strategy’s success.

To make Google Analytics more accurate, the platform provides a feature called Google Analytics User ID. Google Analytics User ID allows businesses to identify individual users and on which platforms or devices they used to access your website. Not only does this give businesses an accurate idea of their analytics, but it also lets them know how customers interact with their website.

For example, a user who visits a website on their smartphone only to later purchase a product on a desktop would have originally been recorded as two different users rather than the same user on two separate devices. With the User ID feature, your business can discern between users who visit your website multiple times and ones that are newcomers.

How Businesses Can Use User ID In Their Digital Marketing Strategies

With the deeper context User ID gives your analytics, you could better tailor your business’s digital marketing strategies to your audience. The data collected through User-ID allows you to discover relationships between your customer’s devices and their engagement.

With this information, you could draw a correlation with the relationship between a user visiting your website, the devices they use, and how it leads to a conversion. You can use this data to develop new kinds of marketing campaigns and user experiences customized to different devices and the way a user uses them.

Another way User ID can assist your digital marketing for business strategy is by allowing you to personalize ads depending on what device they access your website. You may find that different devices are better for displaying certain advertisements. This could aid you by giving you an idea of what advertisements work best for certain segments.

For example, if you find that users like to visit your website from their mobile devices before they access it on their desktops, you could create different advertisements based on the different phases of the customer journey they are on.

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